Friday, October 25, 2013

No Rich Snippets for Low Quality Sites in the Coming Months!

Google will soon take away the power to display rich snippets in the search results from low quality sites. Rich snippets are special kind of snippets that are displayed in the search results in order to display relevant information apart from the regular text description. These can be in the form of microdata, microformat, RDFa and data highlighter.

At the time of writing this post, every site has the option to display any form of rich snippets for its site. However at the recent Pubcon conference, Matt Cutts, Google head of web spam has revealed that in the coming months or year, rich snippets would be allowed for quality sites only. This means, sites that are abusing the power of rich snippets will have to face a difficult time in future.

In the coming days, displaying rich snippets and increasing CTR would be more challenging than today. So, the crux is, increase the quality of your site and add brand value to it.

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