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Toolbar Page Rank Updates Gradually Fading Down

The golden period of toolbar Page Rank is gradually fading away and losing its frequency. Nowadays, the toolbar Page Rank is updated less often than it was done some years before. In fact, one of the best metrics to judge the quality of the web page used to be Page Rank. But, nowadays, Domain Authority and Page Authority has taken over as a new metric for judging the importance of a page. This does not means that Page Rank is not being computed by Google. It still remains, the backbone of search algorithm and is computed by Google regularly. The difference is that Google declares it publicly with the help of toolbar Page Rank but due to the fading value and less support of the browsers, it does not updates it on the toolbar on a regular basis.

The SEO Value

You must put in each and every effort to earn backlinks from high PR web pages as these can pass a lot of trust, authority and link juice on the targeted site. Forget about the toolbar PageRank, Google will still count those links and increase the Page Rank even if you are not able to see it under the toolbar.

Have a look at this video shared recently by Matt Cutts.

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