Sunday, October 20, 2013

What is the Difference Between High Quality and Low Quality Guest Posts?

Many of the webmasters have started building backlinks using guest blogging as one of their main strategies. But, do all the guest blogging links counted as same by Google? The simple answer is NO. Google is smart enough to distinguish between high quality and low quality guest posts. If you are paying for your guest posts or carrying out a large scale guest posting campaign in order to generate some quick links to the site then surely its going to hurt in the long run.

It is better not to take such risks and invest your time and money in creating something useful for your audience so that your natural link count increases.

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High Quality Guest Post

Guest posting done by experts are considered valuable. If you a distinguished expert in your industry and someone has invited you to write a guest post for their site then that is considered as a high quality guest post.

Low Quality Guest Post

Guest posting done under fake profiles or by unrecognised authors are not given the same value by Google. Low quality guest posts often have many keyword stuffed links pointing to  the same website and the content adds little to no value to the user. Sites publishing these posts are not of high quality and often the posts gets published without any moderation. Many webmasters even charge for publishing guest posts with anchor text links which is a clear violation of Google's webmasters guidelines.

Having said that, the best way to distinguish between these two is that, high quality guest posts are written by industry experts while low quality guest posts are published by general authors who do not hold any specific recognition within the industry.

The Twist

Now, comes the twist, you can convert a low quality guest post into a high one by increasing your author rank and industry recognition. Do not overuse guest posting as a method for creating links but instead, use it as a channel for networking and increase your industry exposure. Share useful posts, earn appreciation within your industry, forget about backlinks, increase your author value and these will go a long way to compliement your business.

See what Matt Cutts has to say when people pay for guest posts:-

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