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Google Query Processing By Identifying Entities- Hummingbird, Semantics and Knowledge Graph

With the launch of Google Hummingbird update and the increased use of semantics and Knowledge Graph, the role of entities along with their relationship are set to play a greater role in the ranking of search results. Majority of search queries contains an entity of some sort or the other. For example, a query like "Neil Armstrong Biography" contains an entity "Neil Armstrong". With the help of Knowledge Graph database, Google can easily identify that Neil Armstrong was an astronaut and it can serve the query of the user in a well defined manner. This is the power of Hummingbird backed with the cumulative effectiveness of semantics and Knowledge Graph.

How Does Google Identifies Terms Related to an Entity?
Apart from just identifying entities, there are certain terms related to an entity which provide substantial value to Google in order to process user queries in a more defined manner. As per the example above, the terms associated with the entity might include:


Experience Hand Free Search on Your Laptop with Google Hotword Extension

Finally, you will be entering a whole new world of search moving closer to the star trek era where a personal assistant understands your voice commands and provides answers to your queries. Google has gone ahead and launched the much awaited Hotword Extension for Chrome which allows hands free Google search on your laptop. 

How Will It Work?
It is really simple. First go ahead and download the Chrome extension from here, then start preceeding queries with the voice command "OK Google". It will start processing all the queries that starts with "OK Google". Some examples are given below:- 
OK Google how many ounces are in a cup? OK Google set a timer for 30 minutes OK Google what is the temperature today? Ok Google how many calories are there in Oranges? etc.
So, what are you waiting for? Just download the extension and enjoy the star trek experience.

Download Google Voice Search Hotword

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Is There a Limit on the Number of Links You Can Have Per Page?

There has been a long debate over the link count one can have on a page. The old recommendation that one should have 100 links per page still holds true. Matt Cutts recently uploaded a video where he describes that having links on a web page completely depends on its theme and need. If the content of the web page requires lots of links then those links are absolutely fine. There is no virtual limit as such. But, if the page adds links simply to spam the web or to artificially pass on page rank to other links then that may be counted as spam by Google.

Some of the recommended best practices suggests that having less than 100 links on a web page is the best way to go.

Now, have a look at the video:

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When Should You Use Fetch as Google?

The fetch as Google tool allows you to see any webpage the way Google sees it. This tool should be used when you have confusions regarding effective crawling of your web page.

Reasons for Using Fetch as Googlebot

1- You are using rich media files or flash and have doubts that Google may not crawl your web pages effectively.

2- Hacked pages can be identified easily with the help of this tool.

3- If you want to check the crawlability of your site then this is the best tool to use.

Fetch as Googlebot shows the 4 different parameters:-

Googlebot Type
Download Time

An example is given below:-

Remember, you can only use 500 fetch request per week, per Webmasters Tools.

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How to Boost Up the CTR of Your PPC Campaigns?

Are you experiencing low clickthrough rate of your PPC campaigns? This post specially caters to boost up the CTR of your Pay Per Click campaigns.
Optimize Your Ad Copy
Optimizing your ad copy is the first step in boosting up the CTR of your ads in your PPC campaigns. There are several ways through which you can make your ad stand apart in the search results. Here are some of the recommend best practices:-

Choose a catchy headline
Make your ad headline as impressive as possible. If your brand is popular then use your brand name in the headline. Words like “Free”, “Offer”, “Best Quality”, “Guarantee”, “Sale” etc. tends to perform well in the search results.
Use an appropriate description
Include prices, phone numbers and limited offers text in this area. Words like “money back guarantee”, “Apply Now”, “Enroll Now”, “Buy Now”, “Experts”, “Free Shipping”  etc tends to perform well in the search results.
Add Sitelinks
You can display links to your web pages from beneath the text of your ads…

How Recipe Sites Can Gain Traffic Using Rich Snippets and Recipe Views?

One of the most popular niches that exists on the web is related to food and recipes. People love to search recipes using Google and this is the reason the big G has included a special tab of "recipe views" in order to specifically cater to the demands of users searching only recipes.  

Recipe Rich Snippets
In order to enhance the visibility of your recipe page in Google search results, it is recommended to use rich snippets. The rich snippets for recipes is a great way to mark up your web pages with additional information specific to recipes. The type of information you can include with rich snippets are:- 
Name - The name of the recipe
Type - The type of the recipe
Photo - A picture of the recipe
Preparation Time - An estimated time of preparation. 
Calorie - Information related to calories.
Reviews and Ratings - Ratings and reviews as given by the people.
Instructions- Full instructions for preparing the recipe.
Yield- The average yield of the recipe.
Author- The author information …

Google Still Continuing with the Testing of New Adwords Layout?

Google is probably testing new adwords layout. In this new layout, the ads are clearly highlighted as "Ads" in a yellow button. This is a good move by Google as now, the users would be able to clearly identify the ads vs the organic results. Earlier, a light background colour was used to distinguish between ads and organic results.

Here is a screenshot of what I saw:

An announcement is yet to be made by Google in this regard but as Google rigourously tests updates before making them living with all of its audience, you might not see this change yet. Google made this update live for some time this morning and I captured a screenshot.

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4 Tools You Can Use for Link Earning

Link earning is the process of getting natural links to your website which Google approves of. This is opposed to Black Hat link building which artificially builds links to a site. Here are 4 top tools that can assist you in your White Hat link earning campaign. 
Social Mention
Social mention is an excellent tool for determining the strength, passion, sentiment and reach of your brand. It lets you know what the people are discussing about your brand in the virtual world? You can see results related to your brand that is discussed and shared on blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, comments, events, images, news, audio, video, QA's etc. It would be great if you follow up with the people who are already discussing about your company in order to earn a backlink. People who know your company and share stuff related to your brand are more likely to provide you a backlink as compared to people who seldom share any stuff related to your company.

Social mention is a great tool that lets you track…

5 Ways to Fix Duplicate Content Issue Effectively

Duplicate content issue is one of the commonest problems in the World Wide Web. It happens when the same piece of content is available to the search engine bots and the user on more than one URL. As a result, search engines need to work a lot in order to remove duplicate results from their index. Also, as a result of growing spam through the use of widespread duplicate content, Google launched the Panda update which penalized sites having duplicate or near duplicate content in them. Now, it has become necessary for the webmasters to keep their site safe from any kind of duplicate content penalty applied by Google. There are several ways through which the webmasters can keep their site safe from being penalized under “duplicate content penalty” by Google.

1- Add Rel=canonical Tag
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Using Twitter to Repair a Damaged Online Reputation

In today's world, your online reputation is your actual reputation. A Google search that comes up with old Internet skeletons can scare off potential employers, clients, partners, or investors. Getting a handle on your online mess can be difficult, but is absolutely necessary. After all, it is necessary to get rid of bad reviews and blogs such as are an excellent source to remain educated.

Before you pay to clear up questionable content that's been haunting you online, consider the founder of the microblogging movement - Twitter. Used correctly, Twitter can help you mop up the mess that you - or someone else - made of your online reputation.

Twitter Has Clout

As the top micro-blogging site in the world, Twitter ranks high in search engine listings. If someone doesn't own a business or operate a website, their Twitter page is among the very first items that appear in a search of their name. Use this to your advantage. By flooding your Twitter feed with …

Make Your Pages Load Faster with Google Speed Suggestion

Google has introduced a new feature under Google Analytics which displays the speed of the web pages and also suggest tips to optimize them. You can use these suggestions to make your web pages load faster and improve the user experience of your site.

Where to Find Site Speed Suggestions?
You can find the site speed suggestions under site speed section in behavior tab in Google Analytics.

The speed suggestions section displays 4 columns namely Page, Pageviews, Average Load Time, Page Speed Suggestions and Page Speed Score.

Page Speed Insights
The page speed suggestions column displays the page speed insights report and scope for improvement. It also displays a score in the range 1-100, the more the score the better the speed.

Why Optimizing Speed is Important?
Page speed is an important factor for search experience optimization. Users are more likely to spend time on the site which loads faster as opposed to sites which takes time to load. Hence, this extremely useful feature will help …

How to Fix a Disapproved Ad in Adwords?

It can be extremely frustrating for a business generating revenue from Adwords to see their ads getting disapproved. Being the best PPC network in the US, as quoted by PPC Management Company, Webrageous, businesses find it extremely necessary to get that ads running on Adwords. There are several reasons for a disapproved ad. This post will shed some light on how to fix the disapproved ads in PPC?

Monitor Your Adwords Account
It is important to constantly monitor the Adwords account in order to find out which ads are disapproved. You may find the disapproved ads under the status column located under the ads tab of your campaign page. Check out the reason for disapproval and fix it as per the directions.
Reasons for Disapproval
Violation of Google’s ad policies is the only reason for disapproval. Google divides 7 important policy types regarding the successful running of the ad. These are:-
User Experience – The ads should serve the users well. Variables like accurate phone numbers, ads cha…

Get a Responsive Design Without Losing Any SEO Value

Many webmasters are afraid of implementing responsive design on their site because of the fear of losing SEO value. But, the fact is, responsive design is great from both user point of view and SEO point of view.

If you are implementing two separate versions of site like for desktop users and for mobile users then it is necessary to use rel=canonical tag for your This will provide the full credit to the desktop version of the site and help it to rank better. The Page Rank would not get divided between the desktop and mobile versions.

But, having a responsive design allows to have a single version of the site serving both the desktop and the mobile users.

Here is a video from Matt Cutts explaining the confusion between SEO value and responsive design.

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A Breakdown of Google’s Webspam Algorithm Updates

Google has remained extremely busy in wiping out web spam from its search results. The biggest problem that Google still faces is identification and removal of spam. A dedicated team headed by Matt Cutts does this job of tackling spammy tactics used by webmasters in order to influence the search engine results. This is the reason; Google has released several Webspam algorithm updates specifically targeting overly promotional SEO practices. A breakdown of such major Webspam updates are given below:-
Major Webspam Google Updates
Florida, November 2003
The Florida update that happened on November 16th, 2013 is the first web spam oriented algorithm update which targeted those sites that were applying aggressive SEO techniques. For the first time a filter was introduced in the algorithm which filtered sites applying black hat seo tactics like keyword stuffing.
Austin, January 2004
Heavy on page SEO tactics like Meta tag stuffing and invisible text was taken over by this update. Some webmaster c…