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4 Tools You Can Use for Link Earning

Link earning is the process of getting natural links to your website which Google approves of. This is opposed to Black Hat link building which artificially builds links to a site. Here are 4 top tools that can assist you in your White Hat link earning campaign. 

Social Mention

Social mention is an excellent tool for determining the strength, passion, sentiment and reach of your brand. It lets you know what the people are discussing about your brand in the virtual world? You can see results related to your brand that is discussed and shared on blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, comments, events, images, news, audio, video, QA's etc. It would be great if you follow up with the people who are already discussing about your company in order to earn a backlink. People who know your company and share stuff related to your brand are more likely to provide you a backlink as compared to people who seldom share any stuff related to your company.

Social mention is a great tool that lets you track the success of your brand in the social world and also lets you 
find the existing link earning opportunities.

Whitespark Local Citation Finder

Whitespark local citation finder is a great tool for finding all the locally relevant resources that are related to your brand. The sites identified by Whitespark lets you list your business and earn a strong locally relevant backlink. The best part of the tool is, you can identify as many citation sites as possible. You need to keep yourself ready with keywords related to your brand and you can find awesome link building opportunities for yourself.


Mention is an awesome service that keeps you alerted if any new brand mentions happens on the web. Imagine if you want to know from how many new sources your competitor is earning a backlink? This service will help you to identify exactly that. It is similar to Google alerts but the interface offers easy customization of the data by enabling us to apply filters on the gathered data. is more popular as a URL shortening service but in reality it's much more than that. It lets you identify the topics which are of high interest among your audience. You can discover content, benchmark the domains which the audiences are visiting more, get branded URL's, allows easy social media monitoring, allows customization of data using API's etc. 

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