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How to Boost Up the CTR of Your PPC Campaigns?

Are you experiencing low clickthrough rate of your PPC campaigns? This post specially caters to boost up the CTR of your Pay Per Click campaigns.

Optimize Your Ad Copy

Optimizing your ad copy is the first step in boosting up the CTR of your ads in your PPC campaigns. There are several ways through which you can make your ad stand apart in the search results. Here are some of the recommend best practices:-

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Choose a catchy headline

Make your ad headline as impressive as possible. If your brand is popular then use your brand name in the headline. Words like “Free”, “Offer”, “Best Quality”, “Guarantee”, “Sale” etc. tends to perform well in the search results.

Use an appropriate description

Include prices, phone numbers and limited offers text in this area. Words like “money back guarantee”, “Apply Now”, “Enroll Now”, “Buy Now”, “Experts”, “Free Shipping”  etc tends to perform well in the search results.

Add Sitelinks

Site link ads
You can display links to your web pages from beneath the text of your ads. In order to activate site links for your site’s ad edit the campaign settings and specify your site links. Additional links are a great way to let your users show the most important and high converting landing pages. Displaying more than one links of your site on the search results offers more chances of increasing CTR.

Create a Mobile Click to Call Campaign

Displaying click to call numbers in your ad is a great way to persuade the users to click on them. Users searching for services using their mobile phones are more likely to click on phone numbers displayed in the ads.

Include Seller Reviews

Adwords seller reviews

Ratings and reviews have showed a tremendous response among the search engine users. Studies reveal that people are more inclined to click on ads that have been previously rated by other users. Hence, displaying user ratings and seller reviews on your ad is a great way to enhance the performance.

Display Social Annotations

Adwords Social Annotations

Social annotations allow you to display the number of Google Plus users your brand has. Enhanced social values always encourage the users to click on the ad as it gives them a feeling of trust.

Highlight Third Party Reviews

People tend to believe third party reviews because they think to be unbiased. Displaying third party reviews from reputable sources increases the click through rate.

Add Location Extensions

One of the best ways to display your business address and phone numbers in your ads is through local extensions. These types of ads provide two benefits. Firstly, it helps to increase the physical presence of customers on your store or office and secondly it helps to increase the CTR.

Promote Your Ad via Offer Extensions

Offers always excite customers and promoting your ad via relevant offer extensions is a great way to persuade users to click on your ad. Make sure that your company exactly offers the same service as displayed in the ad offer or there are chances that your ad will be disapproved by Google.

Promote Individual Products Directly in Your Ads

You can display direct product ads on Google with the help of “Product Listing Ads”. You also need to have a merchant center account in order to create product listing ads campaign.

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