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How to Fix a Disapproved Ad in Adwords?

It can be extremely frustrating for a business generating revenue from Adwords to see their ads getting disapproved. Being the best PPC network in the US, as quoted by PPC Management Company, Webrageous, businesses find it extremely necessary to get that ads running on Adwords. There are several reasons for a disapproved ad. This post will shed some light on how to fix the disapproved ads in PPC?


Monitor Your Adwords Account

It is important to constantly monitor the Adwords account in order to find out which ads are disapproved. You may find the disapproved ads under the status column located under the ads tab of your campaign page. Check out the reason for disapproval and fix it as per the directions.

Reasons for Disapproval

Violation of Google’s ad policies is the only reason for disapproval. Google divides 7 important policy types regarding the successful running of the ad. These are:-

User Experience – The ads should serve the users well. Variables like accurate phone numbers, ads character limit (25 characters for headline and 70 characters for description), image and video file limitations, accurate company details, excessive capitalization, no instant download links etc. are all important.

Safety and Security – Google follows the policy that users should experience a safe and secure advertising. Sites should keep themselves safe from all forms of viruses, phishing, Trojans, scams, cloaking etc. It must be the responsibility of the webmasters to ensure that their sites provide a safe browsing experience.

Accuracy - Claims made by an advertiser should be accurate. All the offers and discount including the pricing information should be up to date.

Violation of User’s Privacy or Trust – Ads should not violate the user’s trust or privacy. Google does not allow running of ads whose primary motive is to collect personal information. Also, sites should be SSL secured if they are dealing with personal credit card information of their customers.

Legal and Safe Products or Services - Google does not allows ads related to abortion, sexual services, illegal drugs, illegal hacking, promotion of tobacco products etc. It allows restricted promotion of gambling and casino related services.

Copyright Laws – All the ads should be legal for every respective country. Any ad violating laws country laws, state laws, business industry laws etc are disapproved. Copyrighted materials are not allowed for promotion unless being approved.

Compatibility with Google’s Brand Decisions

Ads must be compatible with Google’s own brand decisions like any ad which are violent and are against a particular group of people or organization. Ads which use inappropriate languages like using the word “click” as a call to action phrase are eligible for disapproval by Google.

Some Tips

Always enable the “policy details” column while running your ads as this will enable you to see the approval status of your ads. You can enable policy details by going to the ads tab, clicking columns, then clicking customize columns and then clicking on add next to policy columns.

You may also apply filters to find out all the disapproved ads at once.

To apply filters follow the below steps:-

1-      Go to campaigns tab.
2-      Click on the ads tab, then click filter.
3-      Select “Create Filter” and choose “Approval Status” from the drop down menu.
4-      Remove the check boxes except “Disapproved”.
5-      Click apply and you are done.

Editing the Old Ad and Creating a New One

Before editing the old ad, find out the reason for its disapproval by using the above methods. Then, go ahead and create a new ad which complies with the Google guidelines. In most of the cases, changes in ad text solve the problem else you also need to make changes in the URL to get your ad approved.

Google’s advertising Policies

To view, Google’s full advertising policies that affects the approval of an ad to be displayed in search results, please visit:-

Avoiding Ad Disapprovals

Here is a video sharing awesome tips on how to avoid ad disapprovals on adwords:-

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