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30 Ways to Create Natural Backlinks

Backlinks created by people other than you are known as natural backlinks. But, there are certainly some strategies used by SEO and webmasters which helps to earn natural backlinks to your site. For those of you who don't know the relevance of natural backlinks, links are the most important factor on which Google relies to judge the overall importance of a page. A site having high authority natural backlinks having natural anchor text has every chance of ranking well in Google.

Techniques to Build Natural Links

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1- Add a "How to" Tutorial Section

People love "How to's" and you will be amazed to learn but it is true that a lot of people search with the keyword "How" in their search query. Adding a complete section of "How to's" will make the site more user friendly as many would be willing to link back to their favorite how to tutorial.

2- Add a "Videos" Section

People love videos. In order to fulfill the demands of the video sharing community, you must have a separate section of videos in your site. The more videos you would be having, the more will be chances of getting your video URL shared between industry enthusiasts thereby providing you with an option of getting a natural backlink.

3- Update Your Blog on a Daily Basis

Blogs are a great way to keep your site fresh and updated. People love to visit sites or blogs that are updated frequently. If the people visiting your site love the content, they will share it on their social networks or blogs and you will get a backlink in return.

4- Cover the Latest Industry Updates

Latest NEWS and industry updates receives the maximum number of shares. Always try and get the latest industry news covered and published in your site. People looking for latest updates would visit your site thereby increasing the chances of getting backlinks.

5- Interview the Industry Leaders

Get in touch with the industry leaders related to your niche and start interviewing them. All the followers and fans of the industry leaders would then come to your site reading their interview and build some natural backlinks for your site. You never know, the industry leader himself might add a backlink to your site from his/her site. This is Gold rush of links on both hands.

6- Publish Infographics

Infographics are an easier and a fun creative way of getting link backs. You can publish infographics on topics related to your industry along with a small linking code in order to receive links. Sometimes universities and other educational institutions publish infographics on their site by providing due credit to the creator of the infographic.

7- Remain in the NEWS

Always remain in the NEWS. Press Release sites are the best way to remain in the NEWS. Many journalists and local news agencies always look for some newsworthy material to publish on their site. You never know, a single press release might get you a bunch of natural backlinks in return.

8- Track What Your Competitor is Missing

Analyse your competitors and track what is missing. Leverage on that missing component and see people get excited about your brand. If people lacking a vital component from your competitors brand suddenly find that in your company, they will start talking your brand. This will start generating not only backlinks but goodwill and customers for your business.

9- Enable Easy Social Sharing

Social signals are no less than backlinks. In order to enable social sharing of your posts, you must include social sharing buttons on your website. 

10- Promote Your Brand Offline

Online promotion does not only means promoting your brand online. Brands that boost up their brand image offline receive the maximum online publicity. Hence, all forms of offline advertising is the key to getting citations and links back to your business.

11- Organize Events 

How about organizing some events and inviting industry recognized experts and local reporters in it. This will provide additional coverage about your brand and deliver exceptional results you have never imagined.

12- Build Tie Ups

Tie Ups can rock solid your link earning potential. Try to get tie ups with brands and channels related to your industry but never ask for a link back in return. Approach them only by way of increasing your business and believe me, some brands will show appreciation by linking back to your site. 

13- Plan a Link Bait Strategy

Link baiting is a strategy which delivers natural links in return. Plan out a solid link baiting strategy that will 
stand times to come. A creative, unique and passionate link baiting strategy can get hundreds or thousands of backlinks for your company. 

14- Use Content Curation Sites

Use the power of content curation sites. Sites like and are great link earners. You only need to solidify your presence in these sites. Do not just share links but think about the reach in terms of referral traffic your site would be getting. It is the users who visit your site, spend time and link back naturally that will bnefit your site.

15- Enable Easy Linking

Make sure the URL, site navigation and complete site structure should initiate easy linking. Users should not get confused as to which page to link or how to link. A best approach is to add a link to us embed code for easy linking.

16- Take Help of Advertising and Affiliate Marketing

Advertising on all fronts is immensely helpful in popularizing your brand. All forms of advertising, whether online or offline should be done actively. Also, affiliate marketing helps to increase the visibility of your products and services. Increased visibility means more chances of backlinks.

17- Offer the Best Content to Your Users

Nothing is more useful than content in order to earn a backlink. Your site's content should be your first priority. Make the content user friendly as well as search engine friendly. 

18- Tell What Isn't Being Told Before

Anything that is unique receive maximum exploration by the people. Create NEWS by telling what is not told before, also in a manner that is not done before. This would be unique enough to grab the attention of thousands of eyeballs. More visibility and attention means additional opportunity of receiving natural links. 

19- Cover Areas Where People are Already Exploring

Make use of Google Trends and Twitter Trends to find out the areas where people are already exploring. Create content and share content on your social media channels related to those areas and see the people react for you.

20- Distribute Monthly Offers

Why not create monthly offers and get social love by sharing them on social channels. Offers excite audiences and these are the first to get shared by general public. Create great offers, offer something FREE and start counting your backlinks.

21- Tie Up With Press and Journalists

It would not be a bad idea to tie up with Press and journalists in order to promote services, offers and news related to your brand.

22- Add a Forum Section

The more the number of pages on your site, the greater the chances of getting a backlink. Adding a forum section will be a huge bonus for your site as it will help your site to have community generated content, thereby increasing opportunity of earning links.

23- Add a QA Section

Similar to the forum section, adding a QA section will boost up the visibility of your site on the search results. Additional visibility will add more chances of earning backlinks.

24- Create Apps and Offer FREE Downloads

The world is going mobile and you cannot lag behind here. Your brand must have a mobile app. Encourage FREE downloads of your brand's mobile app and see how many links you receive this way.

25- Create "Top 10 Lists"

To solidify your content marketing strategy, you need to add a special section of "Top 10 lists" on your site. People simply love to read and share "Top 10 lists".

26- Prepare Database of Industry Terms

How about creating a special reference page of industry related terms? You would be shocked but many well known organizations and educational institutions often link back to terminology references. Why miss this opportunity?

27- Prepare Biography of Industry Associated People

This work would take a lot of time and research but believe me it would be worth the investment. People often search for biographies of renowned people. Having them on your site means more visits and more opportunities of getting backlinks. One secret is, you can receive links from Wikipedia this way. People might get some unique information about any renowned personality and add them into Wikipedia, thereby linking back to your site as a source of original material. 

28- Sponsor Blogger Meets

Bloggers are the most powerful community on the web.It would be a great idea to sponsor blogger meets and receive popularity for your brand. It is possible that some blogger might not forget the sponsor and as an appreciation might link back to your site.

29- Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content are content which never become stale. They always remain fresh and hence are the source of backlinks. The more evergreen content you have in your site, the better would be the chances of earning a backlink.

30- Be Regular, Be First, Be Shareable, Be Socially Active

Last but not the least, addition of content must be regular, content must be shareable, content must be shared on social media channels for better exposure of brand. This initiate the spark that converts into fire of getting a backlink.