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Content Grouping in Google Analytics

Google Analytics has recently introduced a new feature of "Content Grouping" which allows the webmasters to group content into logical structures. Grouping the content helps the site owners to take informed decisions about specific categories on their site as a group as opposed to taking decisions on a page level basis. This is simply excellent and is a good move by Google.


For example for a retail clothing site, you might group content into men and women, then on each of these groups, we can create sub groups like T-shirts, jeans, outerwear and shoes.

Content grouping can be done by 3 ways:

1- By modifying the tracking code by each group you want to track.
2- By creating rules
3- By creating Regex (regular expression).

More information can be found here:

After you have set up your content groups by using any of the above methods as listed above, you can see content groups as a primary dimension in your analytics dashboard.

Have a look at this video given below:

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