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Copying and Stitching Content Can Lead Your Site Into Trouble

It has been long said by Google that copying content or stitching content without adding any value to the user can lead the site into trouble. It would be necessary to mention here that Google Panda is roaming and picking sites having unoriginal content so why take the risk of Panda penalty?

The best way to promote your site and get lots of traffic is by creating original and value added content for your users. You may however, take snippets from other sites citing the original source but the entire article should not contain just stitched content. As an example, Matt asks you to review Wikipedia which cites so many sources for every article but maintains the originality for each one of them. This is the reason Wikipedia ranks so high on the search results.

Here is the video from Matt Cutts explaining about the trouble you can have by having stitched and unoriginal content:

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