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Google to Return Answers from Apps in the Search Results

Google made yet another advancement in becoming an answer engine when it announced the power of search across apps. Instead of returning search results and leaving the task of finding answers to your queries on your shoulders, Google will now search apps and provide instant answers to your queries along with links to apps. Google calls this as "just one step toward bringing apps and the web together".

Users will Find Apps in the Search Results

Users will now find apps like games and news readers when searching with their Android device.However, apps may only appear in the search results when Google will rate them as relevant. 
app search results

Various Ways of App Presentation in the Search Results

There are 3 different types of buttons which you might see depending on your search query. These are:

Open in App
open in app

If Google finds information related to your search query in the apps already installed in your Android device, it will display the Open in App button in order to direct the users to a relevant page in the installed app.

Google Play Button
google play button screenshot

If your search query is completely related to apps then you will see a grouped section of apps displaying all the results from Google Play Store itself along with Google Play button allowing you to allowing you to install the app or find information about the price of the app.

Download button
download button screenshot

If you are searching for a specific app then Google will display the download button for a direct download of the app.

Apps That Are Currently Supported

Currently, Google supports the following apps:

AllTrails, Allthecooks, Beautylish, Etsy, Expedia, Flixster, Healthtap, IMDb, Moviefone, Newegg, OpenTable, Trulia and Wikipedia.

This means app content from the above listed apps would be displayed in the search results. 

App Indexing Necessary to Include Your App in the Search Results

In order to display the content of your apps in the search results, you need to enable Google crawlers to index the content of your apps. For more information on how can you do so, please see-

SEO Scope Growing from App Store Optimization to App Search Optimization

In the near future, we would be having two different group of marketers as given below:

App Store Optimizers- This group of professionals help in increasing the rankings of apps in the search results returned by app store algorithms like Apple Store or Google Play.

App Search optimizers- This group of professionals will work closely with search engine optimizers and will help in increasing the rankings of apps in the search results.

Growing Skills of Search Engine Optimizers

The skills of search engine optimizers are growing day by day. In order to remain yourself updated in the growing field of  SEO, one must be skilled and have knowledge of SEO, SMO, ASO and Inbound marketing. 

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