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Top 5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Any SEO

The SEO industry is changing a lot and it is important to ask several important questions before you actually hire an SEO. Here are the top 5 questions to ask in an interview before you select any candidate. 

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1- What is your biggest achievement as an SEO?

This question will help to judge the knowledge of the person regarding what he/she considers as the most important task of the work. If the answer is "I achieved top 10 rankings for x number of keywords" then the person is clearly not knowledgeable enough to get hired. When we talk about "biggest achievement", it should be really something big which had helped the company to succeed.

2- What is your biggest failure as an SEO?

Many will get scared of this question. A person who truly understands what SEO is all about have had several failures in the job. It is nothing to worry about. Failures are a stepping stone to success. The answer to this question will provide an understanding about the trustworthiness and knowledge level of the person.  

3- What is the maximum amount of traffic you have achieved so far on an individual site?

This question will give an idea about the level of responsibility handled by the person. Depending on the size of traffic, an idea of the team size and the burden of work can be analysed.

4- Tell us about your role in tracking conversions and increasing ROI?

Many SEO's still do the old job of getting rankings and forget the conversion part. This question will reveal
the inner qualities of the SEO and his level of thinking. If the SEO is experienced and has not worked on conversion tracking then something is surely missing.

5- How can you rank your site by keeping it safe from any past or future Google updates?

This question is a real test for SEO's. A good SEO should have an idea of the past Google updates and how to keep a site safe from that. He must also have an idea of the changes Google might implement in future. A practical answer to this question is what is required. A knowledgeable, experienced and practically strong SEO will have an answer ready for this question.

If you think there are some other questions which are important and should be put up then please share them in the comments given below.

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