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Wolfram Alpha Provides Semantically Richer Results than Google?

Many people may not have heard about Wolfram Alpha but it is a computational search engine which provides answers and results to users queries by computing values. Interestingly, Wolfram Alpha provides accurate results even better than Google for user queries involving computation of any kind.
As for example, If I enter the query "digital cameras less than $80" on Wolfram Alpha, I get a list of all the products along with their brand names and prices. You can click on the products and visit the website where the product is sold. 

When I enter the same query on Google, I receive references to website where discussions or lists are present. What's strange is that, I also see an ad selling camera for over $100 for my query that specifically asks for cameras under $80. 

How Does Wolfram Alpha computes the answers?

Some of the important modules are linguistic analysis, curated data, dynamic computation and dynamic presentation.It also recently launched a connected devices projec…

All Forms of Link Building are Wiped Out by Google

Google probably achieved in making the Black Hat SEO's realize the importance of natural links. One after the other it penalized or devalued most of the link building strategies that were generating spam in the search results. Spam is something which Google fights 24*7 and updates like Penguin is a direct response from Google to combat web spam.
Recently Google penalized link networks like Buzznea, Ghost Rank 2.0,, Sape Links etc. All these networks established relationships between advertisers and site owners in order to provide text links by paying bloggers and site owners money in return for a keyword rich do follow text link. Buying and selling Page Rank is an activity that is against Google's guidelines. These link networks made a lot of money and had remain in existence for years together before they were spotted and taken action upon. 
Link Building Strategies that Have Become Stale
Article Syndication
Link building using article marketing has long been a usef…

How to Update Old Site to Maintain Google Rankings? Take the Advise from Matt Cutts

Webmasters of older domains sometimes find it hard to maintain their Google rankings due to the updates Google does on a regular basis. Here is some piece of advice from Matt Cutts regarding how you should maintain Google rankings if you have an older domain:

New sites that provide a better user experience have every chance of taking over the older domains. The older domain should continue to evolve and adapt every time. Just because you are a domain that has been established and has been from quite a long time does not mean you will automatically keep ranking.

For older domains it is necessary to take a fresh look in your layout in order to provide the best user experience. Something that is fresh and is of value to the end user matters more to Google as compared to the one that has grown stale and has not been updated from a long period of time.

Some of the new domains have fantastic designs, people might prefer migrating to the newer domains leaving the older domains.

Have a look …

Follow the Manner in Which Google Itself Accepts Guest Posts

I have recently witnessed a major outcry among the webmaster community regarding guest posting. Suddenly, guest posting is considered as a banned activity and webmasters are even afraid of accepting guest posts on their site. Hold on....all this happened after Matt Cutts posted Google's views on guest blogging on his blog (a great link bait for Matt Cutts :) . This post scared the black hat SEO's which was good but alas, it also scared legit webmasters who suddenly thought every form of guest posting is banned by Google.
This is not true at all. The biggest proof is that Google itself accepts guest posting in its analytics blog. Have a look at the screenshot below:

Convinced? When Google can accept guest posts in its blog, why can't we?
Guest Blogging Activity that's Completely Legit
Guest blogging is for experts. If you are an expert in your niche and contribute regularly for industry related  magazines and websites then you are most welcome to do so. Guest blogging should…

Now, You Can Add GIF Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest has recently announced in one of the blog posts about the support of GIF pins. Now, you can start adding GIF pins on your favorite boards. Gif pins are great as they add a touch of motion on static images. Pinterest was long waiting to add such functionality for its users but somehow they got a little late on this. Better late than never! Have a look at an example given below:

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5 Must Read Resources Related to Semantic Web

Seo is changing and Google is getting updated to semantic web. How well are you prepared for it? In order to get yourself prepared and take on the new SEO challenges related to semantic search, it is necessary that you keep yourself updated by visiting the resources specially related to semantic web.

This post shares the 5 best resources that you must read in order to keep yourself updated related to the technicalities of semantic web.

W3C Data Activity - The W3C home page for discussing about the data activity and building the web of data. - An ideal website sharing news and events related to semantic search. - A Wiki containing all the information related to semantic web. You can contribute to this Wiki and make it even more comprehensive.

Semantic Web Journal - A journal that shares excellent ways to share information in meaningful ways.

Semanticfocus - A blog dedicated to the community of semantic web enthusiasts.

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5 Ways to Boost up Your SEO Strategy in 2014

The year 2013 saw many developments in the Google’s core ranking algorithm.  Major updates like Hummingbird along with Panda and Penguin refreshes took place in 2013. These updates forced the internet marketers to think differently and creatively. The old school seo marketing strategies were packed up giving way for new and better ones in order to boost up the marketing efforts in 2014.
Here are 5 effective strategies on which you need to lay the foundation of your overall SEO strategy in 2014. 
1-Think Topics, Not Keywords

Keyword based seo strategy is growing old. The new way to market your content is by thinking about the topics on which your customers would be interested. Google has made changes in the way it processes the search queries. The recent Hummingbird update backed with the power of “KnowledgeGraph” has made Google think semantically. This means Google will now try and understand the context of the query before presenting the final results to the users.
A thorough knowledge …

Guest Blogging Over for Spammers!

Spammers beware as guest blogging as a way of link building is under scrutiny by Google. Low quality and unnatural guest posting activities carried on a large scale by spammers or forms of unnatural, unthematic, paid guest posting are set to get penalize soon. As Matt Cutts pointed out in a recent guest post about the decay and fall of guest posting.

Matt Cutts has cautioned over the use of guest blogging as a link building strategy. It may happen that some link builders may approach sites high in page rank and abuse them by sending free content with links to the webmasters. Many webmasters often fall in the trap of free content and post the low quality articles on their site.

Do all Guest Posts Count as Low Quality?

No, all guest posts do not count as low quality. If you are an expert in your field and post articles related to your niche without the sole purpose of building links to your site, then you are completely safe.

Now, for more clarification, have a look at the videos shared…

Google Uses the Same Algorithm to Rank 1-10 Results

Google's spam chief, Matt Cutts faced a question from one of the webmasters where it was asked that whether Google uses different algorithms for ranking webpages at different positions? These can be signals like freshness, backlinks or social popularity. Matt Cutts clearly answered this question with a straight NO. Google uses only a single algorithm in order to sort the hundreds or probably thousands of search results as per the "relevancy" and "reputability".

Have a look at this video:

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How Coca Cola, Disney and Red Bull Made the Most of their Social Media Marketing Efforts?

In this post, I will highlight the marketing activities which the top brands like Coca Cola, Disney and Red Bull are using in order to give a boost to their social media channels. Let's discuss about the brand performance on top 3 channels which are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 
Coca Cola

Facebook- With over 78 million fans, Coca Cola is indeed one of the most prominent brands that has connected so well with the Facebook audience. The secret that they received so many fans on Facebook are just pure marketing and branding efforts. Some of the biggest reasons for Coca Cola's success on Facebook are given below:
1- Note the description of the page. It says "The Coca Cola Facebook page is a collection of your stories." This is creative marketing at its best form. If people think they are posting and sharing for a brand they will share less but if they think they are sharing for their own selves, they will probably share more. Coca Cola has made an awesome relationship w…

Yandex to Display Facebook Posts and Comments in Search Results

Russian search giant, Yandex has signed an agreement with Facebook that will enable it to get access to Facebook's public user data and posts. However, it will get access to public data of users from countries including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan only.

Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia with over 60% search market share and earns its revenue from text based advertising same as Google does. In order to increase its market share, Yandex has struck a deal with social media giant Facebook for displaying public user data along with user comments in its search results.

This agreement is done on a mutual partnership with Facebook willing to provide access to its public user data in return for traffic it will receive from Yandex. In return, Yandex will improve the quality of its search results with Facebook posts.

Let's see how well it goes for both Yandex and Facebook.

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Algorithm …

Top 10 Ways to Get More Traffic from Google

Traffic is the currency of the web and is directly proportional to the money you make on the web. The greater the traffic on your site, the more is the potential for you to generate leads and earn money. The best way to get lots of FREE traffic to your website is by ranking well on Google. In order to rank well on Google, you need to make your website user friendly and engaging. Forget about tricking Google, instead focus on your user needs and utilize legit ways to make your site show up on top of Google.
1-Create Conversation Based Content Pages
Google had recently launched the Hummingbird update which made it behave more like a QA engine rather than a traditional search engine. This does not mean you cannot perform traditional search on Google but instead Google has become smarter enough to identify the real context of the user’s query before presenting the final results.
Having lots of conversational based content on your site will allow you to rank for many long term key phrases as…

10 New Year Resolutions That SEO's Must Take in 2014

The field of SEO and internet marketing has witnessed a tremendous change in 2013. Google has come out a long way in eliminating most forms of web spam. The Black hat SEO industry has been blown away. This was good for genuine inbound marketers and white hat SEO's. There is an increased demand of knowledgeable, creative, passionate, results driving SEO's and inbound marketers in 2014. Moreover, an increased pay is awaiting the SEO industry due to the increase in the quality of work. So, what are the special skills that SEO's will need to sustain in 2014. Here are the top 10 resolutions SEO's and inbound marketers need to take in 2014. 
1-Promote Brands, Not keywords
Google has become smart enough to understand exactly what the user is searching for? The “Hummingbird” update coupled with the Knowledge Graph has provided brains to Google for identifying exact identities which the user is searching for or talking about.

In 2014, playing with “keywords” will simply won’t gi…