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Google Removes Round off Search Query Data, Displays Exact Numbers

John Mueller, Webmaster trend analyst in Google recently announced in a blog post that Google will now display exact number under the search query data column instead of rounding off the data as it did previously.

This is what Mueller posted in Google Plus:

The new update has been applied from 31 Dec 2013 and this gets reflected in the Webmasters Tools. 
As displayed in the image below, Google is displaying a vertical line on the date 31 Dec 2013 which says "An improvement to our top search queries data was applied retroactively on 12/31/13" when we place our cursor just above that line.

What was the Change Exactly?

Google previously used to round off the search query data before displaying the final calculated data. In other words, Google did not counted minor changes but starting 2014, Google will count every bit of search query data without rounding it off. This means, every impression, CTR and clicks will get reflected properly in the GWT reports. 

I would love to see a post by Avinash Kaushik on this as to how Google processed data previously and what's changed now. Hope you are reading this post Avinash :)

It can be no amazement if you are unable to witness any major changes in the reports. This is because the data was minute and its hard to see what percentage of clicks were raised.