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Google Starts to Manually Flag Unnatural Guest Post Links as Spam

Google has started to take over guest post spamming in a strict manner. The web spam team headed by Matt Cutts have already started to manually flag unnatural guest post links taken as keyword rich anchor text as spam. The unnatural links sample which Google displays after a manual penalty has been applied on the domain now displays guest post links. 

Here is a post posted by Sandra Goldstein in her blog which provides samples of guest post links as spam. Have a look at it below: 

The second link is a guest post link that has been flagged as a spam by Google.

(Full post can be viewed here: )
Update: the link is not working any more and the post has been removed. 

Are You Doing Spammy Guest Posts?

If you are engaged in excessively spamming by web by taking keyword rich anchor text links in your author bio then be warned Google has already started to penalize this behaviour

Remain Natural

Do not use guest posting as a technique to build keyword rich anchor text links. Instead use it as a method to gain referral traffic and improve connections. Make sure Google is not able to sniff any sort of unnatural or spammy behaviour on your part. 

Guest blogging is a great way to improve your author rank and increase your industry connections. Do not us this method for creating backlinks especially taking keyword rich links in the author bio. 

Follow Google Webmasters Guidelines

Make sure to follow Google Webmasters Guidelines whenever you take part in any link building activities. Link building in itself is not a bad practice but can go unnatural if done incorrectly. Currently, Google prefers natural links and penalizes unnatural links. Do not engage yourself in spammy guest post practices but instead write to improve user experience and your industry experience. Become a contributor who is loved by the people. 

Have you received any messages related to guest post penalty? Please discuss in the comments below.

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