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Guest Blogging Over for Spammers!

Spammers beware as guest blogging as a way of link building is under scrutiny by Google. Low quality and unnatural guest posting activities carried on a large scale by spammers or forms of unnatural, unthematic, paid guest posting are set to get penalize soon. As Matt Cutts pointed out in a recent guest post about the decay and fall of guest posting.

Matt Cutts has cautioned over the use of guest blogging as a link building strategy. It may happen that some link builders may approach sites high in page rank and abuse them by sending free content with links to the webmasters. Many webmasters often fall in the trap of free content and post the low quality articles on their site.

Do all Guest Posts Count as Low Quality?

No, all guest posts do not count as low quality. If you are an expert in your field and post articles related to your niche without the sole purpose of building links to your site, then you are completely safe.

Now, for more clarification, have a look at the videos shared below:

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