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How Coca Cola, Disney and Red Bull Made the Most of their Social Media Marketing Efforts?

In this post, I will highlight the marketing activities which the top brands like Coca Cola, Disney and Red Bull are using in order to give a boost to their social media channels. Let's discuss about the brand performance on top 3 channels which are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

Coca Cola

Facebook- With over 78 million fans, Coca Cola is indeed one of the most prominent brands that has connected so well with the Facebook audience. The secret that they received so many fans on Facebook are just pure marketing and branding efforts. Some of the biggest reasons for Coca Cola's success on Facebook are given below:

1- Note the description of the page. It says "The Coca Cola Facebook page is a collection of your stories." This is creative marketing at its best form. If people think they are posting and sharing for a brand they will share less but if they think they are sharing for their own selves, they will probably share more. Coca Cola has made an awesome relationship with their fans that gets reflected on their Facebook page.

2- The profile picture (which keeps on changing) creates a positive impression for the brand and helps to increase even more likes. 

3- The photos section is full of high quality images that makes people connect with the brand. Images play a great role in Facebook and helps to increase social share and post share life. 

4- Coca Cola also maintains an app for every trending events. People like to engage and apps are an awesome way to increase this engagement. 

5- Freshness of post is also an important factor in increasing engagement. Interestingly, fans of Coca Cola post on the page on a daily basis instead of the page editor. This is what can be called as "brand love".

Twitter- The Twitter profile of Coca Cola has over 2 million followers. Some of the biggest reasons for its success are:

1- Coca Cola regularly shares photos and videos in order to grab the attention of the audience. 

2- The freshness factor is amazing with Coca Cola sharing tweets almost on a daily basis. 

3- The engagement factor is great and the tweets are being retweeted and commented by the people.

Pinterest- Coca Cola has over 3000 followers on Pinterest. considering the reach of the brand, this should have been greater. The marketing team at Coca Cola should consider increasing their reach on Pinterest. But nevertheless, we can achieve some key measurable by analysing the Pinterest profile of Coca Cola. Some of the positives are given below:

1- All the board created by Coca Cola reflects the brand values and not the keywords.
2- The shared images are unique, catchy and of high quality.
3- Every image receives a lot of user attention with repins and likes being a regular affair.


Facebook- Walt Disney has around 46,081,069 likes in Facebook. That is huge so let's analyze the secrets behind such a massive social media popularity for Disney?

Why Disney is so popular on Facebook?

1- Posts shared by Disney receive a great visibility. The Facebook EdgeRank which Disney's posts receives is awesome. 

A single post has over 40000 people liking and more than 300 people commenting. Now, that is something really commendable. You can't buy likes, you have to get it through mutual trust and understanding.

2- Disney uses images for every post it shares and often adds quotes to its shares like “It is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts.” -Merchant, Aladdin.

3- It also utilizes the curiosity of its fans by asking straightforward questions like "Which door would you choose?" by displaying an image of the popular character "Alice in the Wonderland". The result- Fans answer it, like it and share it. 

Twitter- Disney have around 3462301 followers on Twitter. Here are the key takeaways:

1- The profile page has been creatively decorated. 
2- Disney tweets around 2 times in a day on an average. Some of the tweets contains pictures but not all of them.

Disney needs to work a bit more to enhance the engagement on its Twitter profile. 

Pinterest- Disney has over 79000 followers on Pinterest. Disney has achieved this feat by having around 30 boards and over 2599 pins. Let's see what are the positives:

1- Shared images receives over 100 repins and over 20 likes on an average.
2- Disney publishes some off topic content like "Delicious Disney" where creative recipes are shared apart from their favorites "Disney Quotes" and "Mickey and Friends".

Red Bull

Facebook- Red Bull has around 42,357,200 likes on Facebook. Have a look at some of the best strategies adopted by Red Bull:

1- Red Bull extensively uses hashtags in order to promote its posts.
2- The shared posts receives comments and likes.  
3- Has an awesome collection of mobile apps including the popular Red Bull formula race app. These apps helps to increase engagement with the brand.  

Twitter- Red Bull has around 1337009 followers on Twitter. 

1- Red Bull uses hashtags and images for all of its shares.
2- The images relates to the brand motto. Daring and adventorous images are shared which receives retweets and comments.

Pinterest- Red Bull has around 12718 followers on Pinterest. It maintains around 38 boards with 1865 pins.  Here are the points to note:

1- Red Bull has created daring boards which serves the passion of the people following the brand. Some of them are "Cars and Motorcycles", "Action Flicks", "In the Air", "Give Wiings to your Body" etc. 

2- The shared images receives around 10 repins and 5 comments on an average.

What's your social media marketing strategy? Share in your comments below.

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