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Top 10 Ways to Get More Traffic from Google

Traffic is the currency of the web and is directly proportional to the money you make on the web. The greater the traffic on your site, the more is the potential for you to generate leads and earn money. The best way to get lots of FREE traffic to your website is by ranking well on Google. In order to rank well on Google, you need to make your website user friendly and engaging. Forget about tricking Google, instead focus on your user needs and utilize legit ways to make your site show up on top of Google.

1-      Create Conversation Based Content Pages

Google had recently launched the Hummingbird update which made it behave more like a QA engine rather than a traditional search engine. This does not mean you cannot perform traditional search on Google but instead Google has become smarter enough to identify the real context of the user’s query before presenting the final results.

Having lots of conversational based content on your site will allow you to rank for many long term key phrases as per this recent updation by Google. Creating a blog and adding regular stuff on it will allow Google to index your site on a regular basis and increase your site’s potential to rank high based on the pattern on conversational style queries you are creating.

Make sure the pages you create sever your users well. Do not create pages just for the sole purpose of ranking. First identify the user needs and then satisfy them. Also, the domain authority and content relevancy are two important factors which Google considers before ranking a web page so do not forget to capitalize those.

2-      Utilize the QDF Factor

QDF stands for “Query Deserves Freshness” which is metric used by Google to identify those queries which suddenly display an increased pattern in Google Trends. Quickly identifying the high graph patterns for queries using Google Trends and creating pages based on the topic will help you to rank instantly for those phrases as long as the content remains fresh.

Freshness is one of the ranking signals used by Google in its core ranking algorithm. If you are creating pages on your site on a regular basis and the domain authority of your site is fairly good then you can increase the potential of ranking well in Google and get lots of traffic to your site.

3-      Have a High Domain Authority

Domain Authority is one of the most important link based metrics which helps to identify the ranking potential of your site. The higher the DA of your site, the higher would be your chances of ranking well in Google. DA is directly related to the quality of links you gather for your site. The more trusted sites links back to your site, the greater trust you will earn back.

4-      Identify Low Competition but High Traffic Keywords

One of the most vital aspects of earning lots of traffic is identification of low competition but high traffic keywords. Perform a thorough keyword analysis related to the theme of your business and customer needs. Then make your site rank well for these queries. If you are able to achieve rankings on these potentially useful keywords for your business then you can send in some good traffic to your site.

5-      Increase Your Site Speed

Site speed is an essential factor which Google considers favoring the searching habits of their user. It is for this reason that Google has recently launched Page Speed Insights tool in order to allow the webmasters look into the problems associated to their site speed and improve it. The faster your site loads, the better are its chances of ranking.

6-      Rank for Image Searches

Many webmasters ignore the image search queries that are passing traffic to the site. If your business favors the use of images then making them optimized can raise the chances of ranking well for image search queries associated with your site.

Image optimization is a critical factor and you need to optimize the image size, add alt text, add title tag and a proper caption in order to enable Google to read the contents of your image and rank it well.

7-      Rank for Video Searches

Video search results are increasing day by day and most interestingly people tend to click more on video search snippets as opposed to the non video search results. The increase in internet speed has contributed to this factor. A video search snippet increases the Clickthrough rate of the queries and helps to increase the site traffic.

8-      Count the Social Shares

SEO without social is like shooting without a bullet. Google has completely moved from its traditional ways of judging the relevancy of a site to more modern ways like judging the site popularity and people engagement while ranking any website.  A site that has enormous social shares from sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc as well as a lot of comments are tend to be favored by the search engine algorithms.

9-      Create More Pages

It is a well known fact that the more pages you will have on your site, the greater would be your chances of ranking higher in the search results. This goes well with the overall reputational scores a site gathers. For instance, a site having fewer pages may generate even more traffic than a site having several hundred pages. The reason being, Google considers several other factors like the trust factor of the site before ranking them, hence the first and foremost step you must take is to increase the trust count of your site, Thereafter, if you create several pages on your site then you will be having every chances of getting an awesome traffic to your site.

10-   Make Your Site Rank Number 1

Last but not the least, ranking on the first page of your Google and on the number one position will increase the chances of getting traffic to your site by more than 30%. These are great numbers and if you are able to achieve this feat then you can get a lot of traffic.

These were the top 10 ways through which you can raise the amount of traffic to your site. Do not forget to follow the Google Webmasters guidelines before making any chances on your website.

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