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Wolfram Alpha Provides Semantically Richer Results than Google?

Many people may not have heard about Wolfram Alpha but it is a computational search engine which provides answers and results to users queries by computing values. Interestingly, Wolfram Alpha provides accurate results even better than Google for user queries involving computation of any kind.

As for example, If I enter the query "digital cameras less than $80" on Wolfram Alpha, I get a list of all the products along with their brand names and prices. You can click on the products and visit the website where the product is sold. 

When I enter the same query on Google, I receive references to website where discussions or lists are present. What's strange is that, I also see an ad selling camera for over $100 for my query that specifically asks for cameras under $80. 

How Does Wolfram Alpha computes the answers?

Some of the important modules are linguistic analysis, curated data, dynamic computation and dynamic presentation.It also recently launched a connected devices project that will enable Wolfram Alpha to provide computational results for all sorts of device. Wolfram Alpha manitains a huge database of objects and runs several specialized algorithms for computing the results.

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