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Yandex to Display Facebook Posts and Comments in Search Results

Russian search giant, Yandex has signed an agreement with Facebook that will enable it to get access to Facebook's public user data and posts. However, it will get access to public data of users from countries including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan only.

Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia with over 60% search market share and earns its revenue from text based advertising same as Google does. In order to increase its market share, Yandex has struck a deal with social media giant Facebook for displaying public user data along with user comments in its search results.

This agreement is done on a mutual partnership with Facebook willing to provide access to its public user data in return for traffic it will receive from Yandex. In return, Yandex will improve the quality of its search results with Facebook posts.

Let's see how well it goes for both Yandex and Facebook.

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