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5 Awesome Ways to Get More Comments on Google Plus

Getting comments and plus ones on Google Plus is a challenging task. But, we can make it easier by knowing some of the best ways to receive more comments on Google Plus. Having comments on your shared posts is necessary as it helps to increase the engagement rank associated with you. Similarly, the profile rank and the author rank too receives a boost whenever comments are received on Google Plus.

Let us discuss 5 excellent ways to increase comments and engagement factor on your Google Plus shares:

1- Ask Questions

One of the best ways to make people interact is by asking questions to them. See an example of Google Plus share that received many comments, simply by asking questions as shared below:

2- Mention People and Include Profile URL's

People often leave their comments on posts where their name are mentioned. Hence, mention people who are popular in your industry and wait for them to comment on your post. Once they comment, others will start flowing in because a famous person always has some followers pouring in. Hope you got that trick!

3- Hit the Trending Hashtag

Identify the trending hashtags and try to frame your story around it. I am not saying to spam the web by posting irrelevant stories but instead apply some creativity to create posts that caters the audience well. 

4- Use Awesome Images that are Itself Worth 1000 Words

Users love images. On a majority, the most comments and shared posts on Google Plus are the ones that are having some kind of images on them. Here are some posts that generated lots of comments simply by having images on them.

5- Appreciate Feedbacks
If someone adds a comment on your post, appreciate him/her by adding your own comment This taking and giving can persuade others to comment on your story. 

Google Plus is an amazing platform and considering the fact that it is owned by Google, there are high chances that Google uses it for determining semantic relevancy and popularity of authors and posts. If you are yet to make a mark on Google Plus then start today!

Do you have any other idea as to how one can increase the comments on the shared Google Plus posts? Please add comments your comments below and let the discussion going. 

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