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Following a Google Proof Strategy for Link Building in 2014

The very concept of link building has changed in 2014. Infact, the term should now be referred as "link earning" because links build pass little to no value and links earned pass the maximum value. So, what should be an ideal strategy for link building in 2014 without letting Google penalize your site for bad link buulding or unnatural links.

For folks who are new to SEO and don't know the concept of links, here is a brief overview on what is links and how does it impacts any online business:

Links are votes that people give to your site after they start trusting it. Hence, links from high authority sites earned in a natural manner pass high value as compared to links earned from low quality ones. Google maintains a core ranking algorithm that ranks websites based on the number and quality of links it has. Any resource having natural high quality links ranks higher as opposed to a resource that is having fewer links or low quality links.

5 Essential Components of Link Earning in 2014

1- Build Brand

Brand building is more essential than link building in 2014 and ahead. Google has started giving more importance to brands as they closely relate with the users and there are less chances of spam. Users trust brands and this in return help Google to wipe out results that are less trusted by the users. Brand building is of extreme importance and having a solid presence on social sites like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter will largely help any business. 

                  Why Brand Matters in SEO?
                  Social Branding 

2- Create Link Baiting Resources

Many businesses maintain content on their site without planning for any link bait resources. An expert content planner always creates content keeping in mind the viral spread probability. A high viral spread probability means the chosen resource can serve as a good link bait.

3- Maintain Relations with PR Personnels

PR personnels should have good terms with the business. Any new brand related NEWS should get covered thoroughly, broadly and vastly. The maximum coverage a brand receives, the better are the chances of increased reputation, trust and populaity. I am not talking about distribution of press releases but instead I am talking about getting links from sites where it's hard to get any brand covered. Some NEWS reporters cover only specific topics and ground breaking events. You first need to become worthy of getting your brand covered by them (focus on user and improve the quality of services that you provide) then maintain good relationships with the person who is covering the NEWS. This bonding can surely earn valuable citations and backlinks for the main site. 

Please note: Do not purchase links by paying reporters. Buying editorial links is a violation of Google's guidelines.

4- Focus on the User and Feed Their Demands

In 2014, user is the "King". Prepare every strategy keeping user in the mind and not the search engines. Remember, search engines can update their guidelines any time leaving the webmaster in trouble but the user will remain loyal for years to come. Maintain good relationship with the users and earn their trust. Always think unique and feed the users demands with utmost sincerity and dedication. Search engines will start following your site.

                   Search Experience Optimization

5- Participate in Industry Events 

Participating in well known industry events related to your niche is a great way to increase the popularity and reach of the brand. Make it a habit of visiting the important, local, popular and not so popular events and grab as much user attention as you can for your brand. Approach the events with sponsorships and offers and keep the user engaged with your brand in some way or the other. This will surely help your business in getting into good terms with the users and Google will make notice of this.

Hence, keeping in mind the above strategies can surely help to build a Google friendly link earning strategy for 2014 and ahead. Please leave your comments and get the discussion started. 

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