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How Does Google Uses Site Load Time in Ranking Search Results?

Google has announced using site speed as a ranking factor back in 2010. Now, finally a patent has been granted to Google that Google uses resource load time in ranking search results.

Here are the steps which may happen whenever a search query is entered on Google:

Step 1: Search query is received from a particular search device.

Step 2: Calculates "first score" based on the relevancy of the resource based on the search query.

Step 3: Calculates load time data for each of the resource based on the loading time the resource takes to load on the users device.

Step 4: Generates a "second score" based on the measured load time of the resource and adjusts the ranking of the resources accordingly.

Hence, this patent suggests that Google firstly measures the time a resource takes to load on the users device and adjusts the final ranking of the resource. Thereby indicating that the rankings are device dependant.

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