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How Google Fights Web Spam?

Ever thought what it feels like spending a day at Google fighting web spam? How does Google tackles so many web spams that happens on a daily basis. Matt Cutts gave a great insight into how Google plans a strategy to fight web spam.

Here are some of the important points discusses in the video:

"Remember, the webspam team has both engineers and manual spam fighters. Typically it's  mix of reactive spam fighting and proactive spam fighting. Reactive would mean, we receive a spam report or somehow we detect that someone is spamming Google. Well, we have to react that, we have to figure out, how do we make things better? A certain amount of time is invested everyday just to ensure that the spammers don't infest the search results and make the search experience bad.

In the process of doing that, the best spam fighters are those who see the trend and move into the proactive mode. In this mode spam fighter would figure out how the spammy resource is ranking so highly? What are the loopholes they are exploiting? How do we go at the root of the problem and fix it there?

Sometimes, the engineers are able to fix them up by making changes in the main algorithm or sometimes a trend is detected in order to catch spammers. Engineers devise algorithms and test them to stop a particular type of spam. There is no algorithm that can stop every single type of spam.

The web spam team also revisit the previous algorithm and test them to see if they are still effective or are they still necessary? The broken and stale algorithms are taken down to make way for new and better ones. Web spam is dynamic and the team quickly change their priorities based on the type and frequency of spam."

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