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How Positive Comments in Content Can Increase Google Rankings?

Google has increased its importance on user comments present on the content. Having positive comments in your site's content can make your web page more important in the eyes of Google and help it to rank higher. This is not just a blank piece of advice but the current results that Google is returning for some of the top queries clearly indicates the relationship between higher Google rankings and the presence of positive comments in them. 

What are Positive Comments?

Suppose any person visits your site and founds the content presented to be really informative. The person leaves a comment out of appreciation because he/she loves the content on your site. The left comment may indicate the usefulness of content present on the site. As I have already said before that Google always follows the user and if the user has left a positive comment in your site's content, it will surely be get counted by Google as a vote.

How to Increase Positive Comments?

There is only one formula to increase the number of positive comments on your site and that is by creating useful, comprehensive, fresh and user friendly content. There is no short cut to this. Next thing you can do is to share the content on social media sites in order to increase its visibility. If people love the content, they will surely leave a comment. Make sure to remove spam comments as this can work against your entire site and hault it from showing up in the search engines.

Please note that positive comments does not necessarily mean comments having the words "good content", "useful content", "loved this" etc in them. Instead, comments that initiates user engagement and help to improve the existing content value are the ones that are useful. 

Why Google Trusts User Comments?

Google takes into account all the human signals in its machine generated algorithm. Sound interesting, isn't it? 
Comments are a great way to count those user signals towards a piece of content in the web. Google can easily guess which content is liked for, shared more by the users by analysing the quality of comments and use them to identify web pages that are of great value. These pages are ranked higher in order to make the user find exactly what they are looking for thereby spending less time on research.

The Impact of Positive Comments in Google Rankings

These have a positive impact on Google rankings. If any content available on the web have a high number of positive comments then there are chances that the page must have received a high number of social shares thereby increasing its overall semantic value to help it rank higher. 

Please note: Not all keywords require analysis of comments. User comment analysis is done for chosen queries. 

What Should be Your Strategy?

You should surely have a strategy in place for improving the number and quality of comments present in your web pages. 

Here are a few guidelines:

1- Create comprehensive, user friendly and topic focussed content (See - How to Boost Your Content Creation Strategy? )
2- Add components that easily allows users to share comments.
3- Enable comment moderation before they get published.
4- Add social sharing buttons. 
5- Add images, videos, graphs etc and make the content look visually more engaging.
6- Respond to user comments and let the conversation flow. 
7- You can even post the first comment yourself in order to start the discussion.

The In-Depth Articles Feature Already Counts Number and Quality of "Comments"

Ever seen the new "in-depth" articles section showing up in the search results for broad topics? Have a look at it below:

The in-depth articles section uses user comments as one of the ranking factors for articles displayed in this section. In the above example, the first article has around 112 comments, the second article has around 192 comments and the third article has around 1584 comments. you will believe it! Such is the power of comments!

To conclude, I can say that comment is surely going to be one of the main ranking factors for Google in the coming years. Happy Commenting. Also, do you have any comments on this article :) Please share them below.

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