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6 Critical Web Metrics That Every SEO Must Understand and Analyze

The proper use of web analytics is important to determine the status of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that directly impacts the Return on Investment (ROI).

1- Visits and Visitors

Visits and visitors often confuses the webmasters. Technically, visits is the count of the number of sessions and visitors is the count of the number of unique browser visits.

2- Time on Page and Time on Site

Time on page is a measure of the total time that a user spends on the particular page and Time on site is the measure of the total time that any user spends on the entire site.

Time on Page is calculated by using the below formula:

Tp= P2-P1

Tp= Time on Page
P2= Time Stamp value of 2nd page
P1= Time Stamp value of 1st page

Similarly, Time on Site is calculated by the following formula:

Ts= Tp1+ Tp2+Tp3+Tpn


Ts= Time on site
Tp1= Time Spend on Page 1 (calculated using the above formula)
Tp2= Time Spend on Page 2
Tp3= Time Spend on Page 4

3- Bounce Rate

The percentage of exits that happens from th…

10 Avinash Kaushik Videos for Learning Google Analytics

Avinash Kaushik is the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google. Having started his career with Intuit, Avinash went on to become one of the most respected Digital Marketing Specialists in this world.

Avinash has several videos related to Google Analytics where he shares his experience and love for data. Analytics is all about identifying valuable metrics available in the form of raw data and Avinash teaches us how to play with this data. His books, Web Analytics 2.0andWeb Analytics an Hour a Day are a must read for a newbie. Also, I recommend every internet marketer to read his personal blog.

Here are 10 most popular videos of Avinash Kaushik that teaches us several critical aspects of working with Google Analytics:

1- Why Bounce Rate is the Most Powerful and Sexiest Metric?

2- How to Use Google Analytics for Non E-commerce Websites

3- Creating a Data Driven Culture

4- How to Increase Return on Investment (ROI) - Avinash Kaushik's Interview with Stephen Woessner

5- Successful Google An…

Knowledge Graph Feedback- Google Wants Us to Tell What's Wrong?

The Knowledge Graph is a free database of entities and their relationships maintained by Google. This database is based on the information available from free sources like Wikipedia and Freebase. But, Google fears the information provided by these sources might be inaccurate and this is the reason Google displays the feedback option along with every Knowledge Graph in order to allow people to locate the possible errors. Another possible reason might be that Google Knowledge Graph algorithm which is still in infancy might go wrong in judging the relationships between the entities. A feedback in time will allow Google to locate the error and use it as a base for future algorithms that will be more powerful in determining relationships than the existing one.
Google wants us to provide feedback if the information returned by the Knowledge Graph is wrong. Have a look at the sample below for the query "rhinoceros":

Clearly, Google doubts either the information available from its sou…

Using Data Management Techniques to Keep Your SEO Campaigns Running Smoothly

Search engine optimization campaigns can require a lot of work, especially for websites that weren't designed with search engine ranking in mind from the beginning. SEO is not usually completed in a single day, with most requiring work over the course of several weeks, months, or even years, depending on the site and the keywords you're trying to rank. Maintenance should also be taken into consideration when planning an SEO campaign, as most strategies have to be updated over time to keep them relevant and the site ranking against the competition. 
One important factor that's often overlooked when running SEO campaigns is data management. SEO campaigns can accumulate a lot of important data to which more than one person may need access.

In this article, we'll take a look at a few data management techniques that can help keep your SEO campaigns running smoothly and, more importantly, your clients happy.

Keeping Track of Keywords

Keywords are some of the most important da…

Another Google Update on March 25th, 2014?

Backlinks Getting Replaced by Social Shares?

Backlinks as a ranking factor is fighting hard to keep its value in the overall ranking algorithm of Google. User engagement factors like social shares and comments are giving a hard fight to it. Although, Matt Cutts clearly indicated in a recent video that Google is not ready to drop the link factor from its search ranking algorithm at least for now! But, there are strong indications that Google is constantly testing results without counting backlinks as a ranking factor. As a smart inbound marketer, it is time to be prepared for the day when user engagement on the resource will hold a greater value as compared to the backlinks. This may sound strange to some but certainly we are fast moving towards a web that rests more on user engagement. 

Increased Importance on Social Value of a Webpage 
Social value of any resource is receiving a greater attention from Google's algorithm simply because it is an accurate measure of a content loved by its users. Backlinks were included in the ra…

Jobs and Internship Opportunities in Google INDIA

Google is one of the top ranked companies to work for in 2014. It has been ranked number 1 in the list of Fortune 100 best companies to work for. 
Google offers several opportunities of full time and internship as per the requirements and vacancies available on their branches in India. Google India has branches in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Hyderabad.
Getting a job at Google is not easy and the hiring process requires you to be good at many things. But, the amazing life at Google that you will get after joining the world's best company is like a dream come true.
The search URL shared below will allow you to see both job and internship opportunities at Google:

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Google Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

List of basic and advanced Google Analytics interview questions and answers. 
1- What is meant by conversions and how will you track conversions through GA?
Conversions happens when any predefined goals are accomplished thereby generating ROI to the business. Proper goal URL's needs to be specified before GA can start tracking conversions. We need to define a goal URL through the Conversion section in GA and whenever the visitor reaches the predefined goal URL, a successful conversion gets tracked.

2- What is the difference between a visit and a session?
As per the current standards, sessions and visits are the same thing, there is no difference. Whenever a visitor enters the site, a session starts and lasts for 30 minutes. This counts to 1 visit and 1 session. 
3- What do you understand by assisted conversions?
On most of the cases, conversions do not happen using a single channel. often, more than one channel is included in a successful conversion. Assisted conversions helps us to get…

101 FREE Resources for Learning Adwords

Google adwords is one of the most profitable channels of internet marketing. Companies spend thousands of dollars each month in order to generate leads and conversions. Learning adwords is not that easy, it involves you to understand each and every concept clearly. This is the reason businesses hire adwords specialists in order to manage adwords campaigns for them. If you are an internet marketer or a business owner, the tutorials given below will help you to understand the basic and advanced tutorials of adwords. 
Basic Tutorials
1- Set up basics, managing ads and measuring success from Google-
2- Supported Ad formats -
3- Wordstream's comprehensive Adwords tutorial -
4- Official Adwords community -…

Have a Look into the New Webmasters Academy

Google Webmasters Academy has been updated with new resources and tutorials. Google has improved its content on 3 important topics like:

How to make a great site:
How Google works:
How to set up webmasters tools and start communicating with Google:

This was recently announced on the Webmasters blog.

Here are some beginner video tutorials to get you started:

How Google Search Works - An introductory video by Matt Cutts

Google Webmasters Tools - Beginners Tutorial

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