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Find People to Follow and Increase Your Google Plus Presence Using CircleCount

CircleCount is one of the awesome tools I have been using lately in order to identify people who have the maximum niche influence and track down what are they doing better? CircleCount displays each and every stuff in order to understand the real value of Google Plus.

In Google Plus, circles play an important role. It is a measure of how popular a particular person is in the community. It clearly indicates the person's influence on Google+. I have a little above 1000 people in my circles and I would love to have more followers in order to increase my influence on this growing platform. 

Here is how you can use CircleCount to identify influential people and track the associated metrics.

1- You can enter a name, a location or the url of a profile to search.
2- It provides you the following relevant metrics:

Danny Sullivan's Circle Count

A- A graph displaying the follower history.
B- The number of circles where the searched profile is included.
C- The average number of comments, reshares and plus ones per post.
D- A list of the latest posts
E- The circle rank and the number of followers.

If you feel its waste of time to search using the profile URL, then make use of the power of tags 

Search with keywords and CircleCount will return a list of popular influencers as per the searched keyword. Does that sound good?

I am surely going to leverage the power of Google Plus as its set to play a major role in internet marketing. Are you prepared for it?

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