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Google Officially Updates the Desktop Search - Underlines are Removed!

Google's Jon Wiley announced recently that Google has finally launched the new search design for desktop which it has been testing from quite a long time. This new design was implemented to enhance the desktop experience of the users. 

What Has Changed?

Here is a screenshot of what Google looked before the change that happened on 13th March, 2014:

Old Google SERP with underline titles

Here is what Google looks now:

New Google SERP with underlines removed in titles

The New Design Improvements:

1- The size of the result titles are increased.
2- The underlines in the titles are removed.
3- The line heights have been evened out.
4- Readability is improved with this much cleaner look.
5- The ad labels are changed and have a new look.

Did you like the new design of Google search display for Desktop? Let me know in the comments below:

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