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How to Make People Tweet about Your Brand?

Brand promotion via twitter is one of the most awesome ways to increase your brand reach. Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites with over 19 million users. Brands often find it fuzzy as to how they can persuade people to tweet about their brand. In this post, I will discuss some of the best ways to increase your brand presence on Twitter.

5 Tips to Become the Most Tweeted Brand

1- Remain Active and Tweet Often

Brands that remain active often receive the maximum retweets and followers. The chances of retweets and comments increase when the brand is having a huge number of followers. The key to successful tweeting is to remain active when your followers are active.

2- Don't Tweet Rubbish

Tweeting often, does not means tweeting rubbish. Research and analyze the type of niche tweets that receives the maximum user engagement and decide on what to tweet next. Some of the best performing tweet types are given below:

A- Question Tweets- These tweets have a question for your followers. Example- Who do you think will win the NFL league?

B- Picture Tweets- These tweets have pictures in them. Example:

C- Trending Tweets- Tweets that are framed around trending topics are known as trending tweets. Example- Model showcase #lakmefashionweek 2014. (If #lakmefashionweek is the trending topic).

D- Quote Tweets- People love quotes as they leave them inspired and motivated. Tweets having popular quotes in them are known as quote tweets. Example: "You cannot raise a man up by calling him down."

E- NEWS Tweets- One of the most retweeted topics are breaking news. Tweets that are focused around breaking NEWS are known as News tweets.

It is better to frame your tweet first before tweeting it with your followers. This will help your brand create the level of trust and loyalty which it most desires.

3- Promote Tweets

Yes, you heard that right. Shedding out money is the easiest way to increase your brand reach on Twitter. Ever heard about promoted tweets? Twitter offers promoted tweets and promoted follower promotion to increase your brand reach.

4- Engage with Your Followers

User engagement is the most important part behind any successful brand. The level of engagement your brand receives is a measure of the amount of trust your brand has. One of the best ways to increase the level of engagement of your brand is to start the conversation with your followers. Ask questions or appreciate feedback from people who retweets or follows you. Get the conversations going on the responses you receive on your tweets. Make sure to follow the Twitter etiquettes while you are posting replies. You won't believe me; you will soon start receiving a constant flow of retweets and brand follower increase.

5- Promote Your Profile with Other Advertisement Campaigns

Promotion on Twitter is not sufficient to take your brand to the next level of engagement. You will have to switch over to other channels of advertisement even offline modes to increase your brand value on Twitter. Here are some strategies that you may follow:

A- Post your twitter profile on the next newspaper campaign your brand publishes.
B- Mention your twitter handle on all of your TV ads. 
C- Print your twitter handle on promotional materials like brochures and business cards.
D- Engage in partnership tweeting and mention your business partners.
E- Hold contests and ask people to tweet about your brand.
F- Use twitter handle in the newsletters to people who have subscribed to the updates.

Examples of Some Popular Brands with Maximum Engagement

CNN Breaking News- One of the most followed brands on Twitter with around 15.8 million followers. CNN posts breaking NEWS every hour and sometimes more than a tweet in an hour. The result is excellent user engagement and retweets. It does not posts images with every tweet, something that the other brands do often.

ESPN- Has around 8.92 million followers. ESPN publishes a tweet or retweets an exisiting one every hour. This increases user engagement. It also maintains a nice section of photos and videos under its profile. It posts some amazingly attractive images as shared below:

NFL- The National Footbal League has over 5.96 million followers. NFL has a habit of posting images or videos with almost every tweet. It also retweets other members posts and engages in effective communication with the users.

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