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Linkstant- The Easy way to Track Your Backlinks Immediately

How will you find out who links back to your site? May be you will use tools like Ahrefs, OSE and GWT. But, how often will you do that? Once in a day, week or month? Well, if you want to get instant notifications as to which site provided a backlink to your site, you can check this with the help of this awesome tool called Linkstant. This tool helps you to discover new links almost instantly. Excited? Let's try this out!

In order to start the application to begin tracking the data, you need to add 2 pieces of code on all the pages of your side as shown in the screenshot below:

That's all, next time linkstant finds any backlink pointing to your site, it will send an instant notification to your email id or phone. This tool enables you to gather more intelligent data related to your backlink on a regular basis.

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