Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Panda Update Will Take a Softer Stand On Small Business Websites

Matt Cutts said a new softer Panda update is coming that will make Panda less of an impact on certain sites.
It's good news for small business owners, the new Panda update will help small websites to rise in rankings that had been affected by the previous versions of the updates. Many small business websites had affected from the last Panda updates which aimed to decrease rankings of websites having less content or low quality content. Sites having comprehensive content got promoted with this update while sites with less content lost their rankings. Often, small business owners which usually have less content on their site got affected by this update.

Barry Schwartz, shared this news on Google Plus:

Please note that rankings may depend on a number of factors apart from Panda so don't expect your rankings to come back instantly. A softer Panda update means, genuine and user friendly sites which were largely affected by the last updates will have less noticeable impact with this update.

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