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Google Updates Webmasters Guidelines for Sneaky Redirects

Google has updated the webmasters guidelines for sneaky redirects (cloaking) and now redirects intended for mobile audience are also included. Cloaking is a practice where search engines cache a different copy of the web page than what is shown to the visitors. With the increase in the number of users using mobile devices, some webmasters have started redirecting mobile users to a different page resulting in cloaking. The desktop version of the site remains the same. The previous Google webmasters guidelines didn't included such stuff and examples for cloaking. This is the reason, Google updated their sneaky redirects guidelines today.

The example section for sneaky redirects states:
"Some examples of sneaky redirects include:
Search engines shown one type of content while users are redirected to something significantly different.
Desktop users receive a normal page, while mobile users are redirected to a completely different spam domain."
Read more here :…

Google's Self Driving Car- Very Close to Become a Part of The Busiest City Streets

Larry Page shared on his Google Plus profile that he is really excited about the progress that is made on the area of self driving cars. The project that began in 2009 is close to become a reality. The car has been running on the streets of Mountain View for several years now. Some rigorous testing is being done under the leadership of Chris Urmson, head of Google's self-driving car project.

The project has successfully completed two major assignments in the past 18 months. The first one is to drive 100,000 miles on public roads and the second one to complete ten 100-mile courses on challenging routes throughout California. The self driving car is capable of doing many things like recognizing hurdles, maintaining a constant speed etc. but unless its confident about anything, it always goes on the conservative side.

The Google car is programmed to be defensive in order to avoid accidents. It has its own preset speed limits and avoids driving in a blind spot. It can shift in its lane,…

Pinterest Introduces Guided Search to Compete with Google on Intent Based Search

Pinterest is constantly looking to tap new opportunities. Hui Xu, Head of Discovery Team at Pinterest recently shared on the blog a new set of guided discovery in order to help users choose between several available options. search engines are better at finding an answer when the answer is one but when it become difficult when there are several choices available to a question. In such a scenario, Pinterest guided search can come to the rescue.

Have a look at the video in order to learn more about the guided search. This is really impressive.

Let's see how well Pinterest guided search goes with the audience but competing with Google is not that easy and the developer need to be creative enough to keep the user engaged. Nevertheless, it's a nice new enhancement for Pinterest. So, Happy Pinning!

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Producing Superior Content is One of the Best Ways to Rank Higher on Google - Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts in a recent webmaster video has pointed out that producing higher quality and superior content is one of the best ways to rank higher on Google if you think of the long term. Well, that's an easy advice but often it turns out to be tough for the small business owners.

Small Businesses Need to Become a Brand in Order to Succeed - Facebook, even Google Did the Same!

Interestingly, he never said, bigger brands do not have an advantage to rank high because of higher traffic and popularity they already have. This means brands have an advantage of ranking higher. This is true because they deserve to be at that place and Google can do nothing about that. Following the user and creating a brand will help you in the longer run. Don't follow dodgy tactics and don't think of the short term gains. It is difficult to become a brand and that is the reason it pays so well!

Have a look at the video:


Have a look at the following tutorials for understanding the importa…

Join the Official Google Plus Page for Webmasters

Google has recently launched its official webmasters page on Google Plus. This was announced on the webmasters blog. I recommend you to join this page in order to stay updated with the recent news and announcement related to Google search and to find tips on making your site search engine friendly. More than 17 thousand people have already joined this page in such a short period of time. Don't lag behind, if your job is related to internet marketing then do follow Google.
Here is the link to the page.

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Increasing Relevance of Co-Citations and Co-Occurrence

The SEO industry constantly tries to predict the way Google works. Apart from Black Hat SEO's who try to find loopholes into the actual algorithm system, genuine SEO's try and understand the reason behind why a specific website ranks higher than another one and instead of trying to manipulate the search results, they follow the Google's guidelines and plan their strategies in order to help the user.

Two of the biggest ranking factors that have been debated from a long time without any actual proof are Co-Occurence and Co-Citations. Backlinks as we all know are dominated by the presence of relevant anchor text which is open to spam. On the other hand, metrics like Co-Citations and Co-Occurrence are harder to manipulate. But, will they return accurate search results if implemented properly is still unkown.

This is the reason, Google still relies heavily on anchor text and backlinks. But, certainly these metrics are set to play a greater role in future and we cannot say eith…

6 Tricks You Never Thought Was Possible With Google Plus

Here are some awesome tricks that you can do with Google Plus.
1- Create Ripples for Your Post
Ripples do not happen for every post but instead they happen for posts that attain a decent level of publicity through reshares. Suppose if your post gets shared and then reshared by several people then that post will create what is known as Ripples. A post that generates Ripples is of a high quality and generally receives much visibility.

2- Animated Gif's As Your Profile Pic
Love animation? You can use a moving image as your profile pic to grab more eyeballs.

3- Search Pictures Using the Advanced Search Feature
Yes, you can easily search pictures shared on your Google Plus profiles by using the advanced search feature.

4- Send a Private Post to Anyone
You can share your post privately to any one just by entering the email address of that person even if the person is not a member of Google Plus. By default all the shares are done public but you may choose your own private sharing options a…

Biggest SEO Myths Debunked by Matt Cutts

There are several SEO myths that are a talked about topic among the seo industry. Some of the biggest seo industry myths are highlighted in this exciting webmasters video with Google web spam team head, Matt Cutts.

Myth 1: Buying Ads Can Increase Your Organic Rankings or The Opposite is True?

Explanation: Both are false. Buying ads or not buying them do not play any role in increasing the organic rankings of any website. Google always wants to present the best search results to the users so that they keep coming back. All the changes that Google makes towards its algorithm or the SERP presentation is related to this mental model only.

Myth 2: Building Backlinks (by way of articles, guest blogging, link wheels etc.) Simply By Believing a Group of People is a Bad Idea

Explanation: Building backlinks by way of article syndication, guest blogging or link wheels is not a good idea for the longer run. Many people use automated link building softwares which are not that efficient and must not b…

The Challenges Facing the World of Big Data

It seems like everyone is talking about big data these days. With businesses of all sizes starting to turn to the world of big data for information and guidance, even utilizing it to pick out future trends in their business, the onus is on businesses of all sizes to start getting ready for big data, or risk losing out on a competitive advantage.
So just what is so important about big data? What challenges do businesses face in implementing it? And how can they face those challenges to not only make themselves ready for big data, but make the most of it too?

Big Data Has Big Benefits
The first question most businesses want answered is simply, what is big data? There's an adage that anything you can't handle using an Excel spreadsheet counts as big data, and there is certainly some truth to that. Big data is data in huge quantities, gleaned from all kinds of sources, including:
Website metrics; ·Social media; ·Data from CRM systems; ·Emails; ·Payment history. And much more….
There are man…

Google Updates Analytics- Replaces Visits with Sessions and Adds Graphs

Google Analytics has updated for the better and today I noticed a few changes being made on the analytics interface. Visits have been replaced by sessions (which technically means the same thing) and unique visitor metric has been replaced with users (which also means the same). Here is a screenshot that displays the new metrics namely sessions and users.

What are Sessions and Visits?

Sessions and visits are synonymous. When any visitor visits the site, a session gets created and this session remains active for 30 minutes or less if the site is closed by the visitor. Hence, visitors create sessions and 1 visit is equal to 1 session minimum.

What are Unique Visitors and Users?

It may happen that a single user can create multiple sessions over a period of time like for the past 30 months. In that case, the user metric displays the number of unique visitors who have created unique sessions.

Hence, I hope the confusion is clear. Google has gone a little technical from being layman.

Graphs U…

5 Ways To Boost SEO by Leveraging Google Brandvantage

Are you worrying the next Panda or Penguin update? Is the fear of losing traffic and revenue from your website not letting you sleep? Here are top 5 ways that will force Google to take your Website seriously.
1- Forget "Website" and Think of "Brand"
I have been saying this too often and now the time is ripe enough to start taking your website as a brand. The product or service you sell should not be anonymous (lesser known brands are same as anonymous because nobody has ever heard about them), instead it must be related to a well known brand. If you are able to do this then Google will start taking your website seriously. I know this is not easy but ultimately you will have to adopt to this strategy. 

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Google Analytics Now Available on AdMob

Now you can access Google Analytics through AdMob. All the users of AdMob can now access it via the analyze tab. This tab is new and has been added as an easy access to the Google Analytics interface. The detailed information regarding how to use it and where to find it is shared in the screenshot below:

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Top 25 SEO Tools and Extensions for Chrome

I simply love Google Chrome extensions because it eases up my tasks related to SEO. This post lists some of the best SEO tools and extensions for Chrome.


Lets you check Domain Authority and Page Authority and highlight links and keywords. It helps in a quick site audit with a detailed page level analysis.

2- Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer

Provides a summary of the top backlinks along with their anchor text and information related to TrustFlow and CitationFlow.


Keep a track of essential SEO parameters like Alexa Rank, Google Index status, Page Rank, Semrush rank, Nofollow links etc.

4- Woorank SEO and Website Analysis

Provides a detailed SEO report consisting of metrics like traffic estimations including adwords traffic, on page metrics, link metrics, mobile seo metrics etc.

5- SEO Global for Google Search

Allows you to see Google search results for different countries. An amazing plugin and I use it to distinguish between the search result pattern in different countrie…