Wednesday, April 16, 2014

5 Ways To Boost SEO by Leveraging Google Brandvantage

Are you worrying the next Panda or Penguin update? Is the fear of losing traffic and revenue from your website not letting you sleep? Here are top 5 ways that will force Google to take your Website seriously.

1- Forget "Website" and Think of "Brand"

I have been saying this too often and now the time is ripe enough to start taking your website as a brand. The product or service you sell should not be anonymous (lesser known brands are same as anonymous because nobody has ever heard about them), instead it must be related to a well known brand. If you are able to do this then Google will start taking your website seriously. I know this is not easy but ultimately you will have to adopt to this strategy. 

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2- Invest in Earning Trusted Seed Links - Yes, Investment Would be High

Yes, I wrote that in the title itself that investment would be high but hold on that investment is not for buying links but instead spending in offline promotion to earn trusted seed links. Ever thought of providing a crispy story to trusted and authority sites, think of what your brand can do, enable your mind to deep dive in order to fetch ideas for publicizing your brand and you will hit the jackpot! Trusted seed links = Google love! (as of now)

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3- Grab User Attention- Serve Them and Not Google

At the end of the day, who are you waiting for in order to get a successful conversion? Google or the user? You got that correct! Serve the users and get conversions. Designing a site primarily for the search engines will not help in conversions. Every decision whether designing a website or adding content should be focussed towards the user and not the search engine. Think for the humans and Google will reward you.

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4- Remain in NEWS, Be Social

What does a child does in order to grab the attention of parents?? Hmm...he cries!! If an infant understands what is the right strategy to get user attention then why can't you? Always try to remain in the NEWS, let people recognize your brand instantly and gather as much social love as you can.

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5- LOVE the User- Yes, Do Everything to Impress Them

Grab the attention of the user and solidify the belief that your brand is authentic and genuine. Focus your marketing efforts in a manner that it makes the user return to you again and again. Respect and love the user so that your brand benefits from "word of mouth". 

These are some ways (I know they don't talk about SEO but rather marketing) to fuel your conversions and let Google to take your website (BRAND) seriously.

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