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6 Tricks You Never Thought Was Possible With Google Plus

Here are some awesome tricks that you can do with Google Plus.

1- Create Ripples for Your Post

Ripples do not happen for every post but instead they happen for posts that attain a decent level of publicity through reshares. Suppose if your post gets shared and then reshared by several people then that post will create what is known as Ripples. A post that generates Ripples is of a high quality and generally receives much visibility.

2- Animated Gif's As Your Profile Pic

Love animation? You can use a moving image as your profile pic to grab more eyeballs.

3- Search Pictures Using the Advanced Search Feature

Yes, you can easily search pictures shared on your Google Plus profiles by using the advanced search feature.

4- Send a Private Post to Anyone

You can share your post privately to any one just by entering the email address of that person even if the person is not a member of Google Plus. By default all the shares are done public but you may choose your own private sharing options as per your needs. Make sure to diable reshare of the post.

5-Take Backup of Your Pictures with 5 GB FREE Space

Google Plus offers a 5 GB FREE space to keep all your pictures on Google Plus (a threat to Flickr and Pinterest). You can upload your favorite pictures using any mobile devices. It's really easy dude.

6- Use a Vanity URL for Your Own profile

Google Plus allows you to create a vanity URL for your own profile. Instead of displaying unmeaningful text and numbers, you may allow Googlle Plus to display your name as your profile URL.

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