Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Google Updates Webmasters Guidelines for Sneaky Redirects

Google has updated the webmasters guidelines for sneaky redirects (cloaking) and now redirects intended for mobile audience are also included. Cloaking is a practice where search engines cache a different copy of the web page than what is shown to the visitors. With the increase in the number of users using mobile devices, some webmasters have started redirecting mobile users to a different page resulting in cloaking. The desktop version of the site remains the same. The previous Google webmasters guidelines didn't included such stuff and examples for cloaking. This is the reason, Google updated their sneaky redirects guidelines today.

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The example section for sneaky redirects states:

"Some examples of sneaky redirects include:

Search engines shown one type of content while users are redirected to something significantly different.

Desktop users receive a normal page, while mobile users are redirected to a completely different spam domain."

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