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Matt Cutts Says SERP Will Always Be Changing - Are SEO's Ready for Constant FLUX?

Google's Matt Cutts has uploaded a new video that says- Google will never stop experimenting with search results and that the SERP's will always remain in flux. SEO's need to constantly adapt to this change which I think every SEO is very well aware of. But, in recent times, this change has gone very frequent and adaptability has become difficult.

Here is the transcription of the video:

Question - When will Google Stop Changing Things? 

Answer - "Web is always changing. The thing we need to do for users will always be changing. And of course, spammers and their techniques are always changing. So, we are always looking at different new ways to try to rank results better and the results is flux. There will always be change going on in the results. If you have got a search result, you can count on the fact that its going to adapt based on what its users are looking for...people are starting to do more spoken word queries or do more conversational queries. We have to figure out, how to handle that. If we do a perfect job on all the queries today, people will ask even more harder questions tomorrow so we have to get ready for that, we have to think about how we can return answers the user is looking for, how can we synthesize the information trying to say ...o..this is what this person is talking I would expect that things are going to keep changing for the foreseeable future. "

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