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Producing Superior Content is One of the Best Ways to Rank Higher on Google - Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts in a recent webmaster video has pointed out that producing higher quality and superior content is one of the best ways to rank higher on Google if you think of the long term. Well, that's an easy advice but often it turns out to be tough for the small business owners.

Small Businesses Need to Become a Brand in Order to Succeed - Facebook, even Google Did the Same!

Interestingly, he never said, bigger brands do not have an advantage to rank high because of higher traffic and popularity they already have. This means brands have an advantage of ranking higher. This is true because they deserve to be at that place and Google can do nothing about that. Following the user and creating a brand will help you in the longer run. Don't follow dodgy tactics and don't think of the short term gains. It is difficult to become a brand and that is the reason it pays so well!

Have a look at the video:


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In order to revamp your current SEO strategy, you need to do consider re-evaluating your USP and focus all your attention on the user. This is the recipe for long term SEO success.

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