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Top 25 SEO Tools and Extensions for Chrome

I simply love Google Chrome extensions because it eases up my tasks related to SEO. This post lists some of the best SEO tools and extensions for Chrome.

1- Mozbar

Lets you check Domain Authority and Page Authority and highlight links and keywords. It helps in a quick site audit with a detailed page level analysis.

2- Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer

Provides a summary of the top backlinks along with their anchor text and information related to TrustFlow and CitationFlow.

3- SEOquake

Keep a track of essential SEO parameters like Alexa Rank, Google Index status, Page Rank, Semrush rank, Nofollow links etc.

4- Woorank SEO and Website Analysis

Provides a detailed SEO report consisting of metrics like traffic estimations including adwords traffic, on page metrics, link metrics, mobile seo metrics etc.

5- SEO Global for Google Search

Allows you to see Google search results for different countries. An amazing plugin and I use it to distinguish between the search result pattern in different countries.

6- SERP Preview Tool

It helps to visualize how your website in the search results. You can add meta tags and see how your site will appear in the search results.

7- In-Page Seo Analysis

It lets you analyze the essential on page elements of any webpage. The main metrics include on page, social, link and security analysis.

8- Website On Page Analyzer

The key features of this tool includes URL level analysis, on page analysis, page rank, alexa rank, social media status, GEO information and WHOIS information.

9- Raven Toolbar

A great tool that makes seo analysis, link analysis and social sharing easy.

10- Social Tracker

Useful tool to track any website's social presence. It tracks Facebook likes, Tweets and Google Plus Ones.

11- PR Checker

A simple tool to check the Page Rank of any web page.

12- HTTP Header and Redirect Checker

This extension is useful for checking proper redirects and HTTP paths.

13- Whois History Checker

Lets you check the WHOIS data for any website with just a click. Metrics include domain name, IP address, Who is data, nameservers etc.

14- Data Miner HTML to Excel Scraper

This plugin can surely ease up your tasks because it allows you to scrape data from web pages into excel sheets. Sound easy right?

15- Facebook Meta Inspector

This is one of the newest tools which allows you to check the Facebook meta tags contained on particular web pages.

16- Link Revealer

This tools allows you to reveal URL's on webpages without actually visiting them. It shows the URL you are going to click.

17- Site Trail

An awesome extension for finding information about websites site rank, value, location of the server, basis seo stats etc.

18- Page Speed Insights

A shortcut to the main tool. Really useful to get detailed suggestions for improving the speed of the page.

19- User Agent Switcher

A mischief tool that allows you to fake other browser or tools by tricking the Chrome's default user agent.

20- Ghostery

This tool allows you to protect your privacy by letting you to see who is tracking your web browser.

21- Wappalyzer

This tool reveals the technologies used on websites. However, there are a selected list of applications that this extension may reveal.

22- Screen Capture

It allows you to capture the visible content of any web page.

23- Web Quantified

A complete tool to analyze the basic seo metrics of any website.

24- Link Clump

This extension lets you open, copy and bookmark multiple links at the same time.

25- Url Shortener

It allows you to shorten the current website URL. Forget about visiting the website, instead install this extension and easily shorten the necessary URL's.

Hope this list helps you in your seo efforts. Please share your favorite Chrome extensions in the comments below.

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