Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Google Launches Roll-Up Reporting for Premium Analytics Users

Google has launched a new feature of Roll-Up reporting that will enable the high level decision makers to get a full view of all the digital properties in a single dashboard without the need to individually process the date for every single property. This is what is known as "Roll-Up Reporting" by Google. It is a single interface dashboard that displays the aggregate level data for high level decision makers.

This update for Google Analytics premium users was announced in the official analytics blog. Here are some of the features of the Roll-Up Reporting:

1- Dashboard for the Executives and High Level Decision Makers

Imagine a single dashboard that combines and displays the aggregate level date for all your business websites and apps. It eliminates the need to individually accessing dashboard of every single website and re-compiling the data in order to bring out the overall brand positives. With Roll-Up Reporting, every thing is built in, yes in real time!

2- The Source Properties Report

This report lets you evaluate 3 important metrics that makes up the overall Roll-Up Reporting. These metrics are:

A- Summary View - This displays acquisition, behavior and conversion related data.

B- Site Usage View - This displays session and bounce rate related data.

C- E-commerce View - This displays conversions, revenue and transactions related data.

3- Analyze the Reach of Your Brand

Suppose if your brand owns more than 5-6 web properties and you wish to calculate the overall reach of your brand. Earlier, you need to do this offline by carefully separating data for each web property. With Roll-Up reporting, you can easily find out this data at the click of a button. This feature is great for brands who own several web properties.

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