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Landing Page Experience Ratings - A Factor for Attaining Higher Ad Rankings

Landing page experience status is a vital factor in attaining higher position of your adwords ad. Google always cares about the user experience and the quality of the landing page is of great importance in judging the overall experience of the user. It is therefore recommended to create an effective landing page for your ad so that it indirectly helps your ad to rank higher on Google.

Landing Page Status

The chosen keywords running in your adwords campaign can have the following 3 status:

Below Average - Having this status means your landing page does not offers a good experience as compared to the chosen keywords on which the page gets displayed on Google.

Average - Good.

Above Average - Good.

Where Can I Find the Landing Page Status on Adwords?

The landing page status can be found at keywords tab of your campaigns page by clicking on the speech bubble icon next to a keyword. 

Remember to check the status for active keywords only. The paused keywords display the earlier status when they last remained active so that might be inaccurate. The status keeps on updating on real time depending upon the keywords.

How to Design An Above Average Landing Page?

Landing page experience directly depends upon the user experience it offers to its visitors. Google uses both automated algorithms and human evaluators to determine the ratings in order to determine the value of the page with respect to the user experience.

Here are some guidelines to design an highly effective and user friendly landing page:

1- Relevancy- This is the single biggest factor affecting the status of your ads. The landing page should be relevant to the targeted keyword and ad text.

2- Content Quality- If you though content matters only to achieve higher organic rankings then you are wrong! Ranking on Google via Adwords also requires your site to have quality content. Provide quality, relevant and useful information to your audience. 

3- Trust- Make the site simple and make it easy for the users to find your contact information.

4- Navigation- Keep navigation easy and don't allow pop ups. 

To learn more, have a look at the video given below:

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