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Mobile Marketing - Definition and Best Strategies

Mobile marketing is the future of digital marketing. As more and more people are using their smartphones to research or find local offers, the scope of modern mobile marketing is growing at a tremendous pace. 

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing comprises of all those activities that we undertake on mobile devices in order to promote our products or services in frontof billions of wireless device/Smartphone owners. Mobile offers an array of advertisement opportunities to the consumers because of the fact that they remain connected on their mobile devices 24x7 and hence targeting options are widened.

The Very First Essential - Have a Responsive Website

Your main channel of conversion is your website. Ultimately, this is the place where your targeted audience would be landing. Having a responsive website that opens evenly across a variety of handheld devices greatly enhances the online mobile visibility of any brand. Many business owners makes the mistake of satisfying the demand of …

Google Removes Profile Photo and Circle Counts from Search Results

In a rather big and mostly confusing announcement, Google's John Mueller posted this message on Google Plus:

He writes - "We're simplifying the way authorship is shown in mobile and desktop search results, removing the profile photo and circle count."

Gosh!! This is not we were prepared to hear. What's more confusing is that he goes on to write "Our experiments indicate that click-through behavior on this new less-cluttered design is similar to the previous one." Is that really possible, when several experiments conducted by so many internet marketers around the world indicates that displaying author pic in the search results actually helped them increase their CTR.

From the comments received on Mueller's post on Google Plus, we can clearly make out that author images were a measure of trustworthiness of a resource and it did helped to increase CTR.

Why Did Google Removed Author Pics?

The answer probably is uniformness and SPEED. Google wants to dis…

Difference Between Over Optimization and Reality - Google is Moving Towards Reality So Don't Fool It!

In the earlier times, Black Hat SEO's had a good time. Just a little tweak in the title tag, H1 tag, content area and boom the site actually got a boost up in the search results. The Google ranking algorithm was much easier to crack back then in 2000. But in the era of Hummingbirds, Penguins and Pandas, Black Hat SEO is reeling to survive. No clues are working and what worse is that the ones that worked in the past are actually hurting the sites now. So, which is the correct approach to brandify your site without breaking the rules?

SEO Over-Optimization - Don't Cross the Line

Optimization was never a strategy to stuff keywords but people did so because it worked. Who the hell in this world will stop and see his competitors enjoy a larger share of ranking when they knew the secret behind it. The secret was easy to implement and didn't cost much. Hence, it started to boom. 

When optimization became over-optimization, little clue was available. But today, the thing that works i…

Google Introduces Partner Gallery - Easily Find New Partners and Apps

Google has relaunched its app gallery as the partner gallery. The partner gallery makes is easier for the users to find analytics certified partners and community apps. These partners which provide services and apps needed for specific marketing purpose are all certified by Google. You can also list your business here but for that you need to pass the Google Adwords partner certification.

The introduction to the new partner gallery was announced in a blog post.

The Partner Gallery includes the following:

Agencies certified by Google who offer web analytics services.
Apps by Google Analytics technology partners that are ready to use and extends the capabilities of the regular software.

You can easily find a partner near your location and also provide feedback based on the services they provide.

Visit the new partner gallery here:

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How to Find Out The Best Day of Organic Conversions Through Analytics

Google Analytics is a storehouse of data that can be refined and filtered as per your own needs. The amount of data extraction that you can do via Google Analytics is virtually unlimited. Today, we are going to discuss a case of E commerce store which is desperately trying to find out the day when the maximum number of conversion happens through organic searches.

Dimension Used: Day of Week Name 

Day of Week Name displays the days of the week. Possible values are Sunday through Saturday.

Metrics Used: Organic Searches and Goal

Organic searches displays the number of organic searches that occurs within a session.

Goal displays the total number of conversions assigned to the goal.

First of all, create a new custom dashboard and provide a name for it.

Click on table and choose "Day of Week Name" from dimensions and "organic searches" along with your specified "goal" from the metrics.

Click on save and you will be able to see the day when the maximum number of organi…

Leverage the Power of Twitter App Cards to Increase App Downloads

Worried about how to increase app downloads? Use Twitter app cards to increase app downloads in an easier way. Learn what are Twitter app cards with attributes and examples.

Twitter is one of the top 10 global websites of this world as per Alexa. We can utilize the power of Twitter in order to increase the frequency of app downloads. Yes, that's true! You can use the Twitter App cards to display app download links directly in your tweet and initiate the downloads.

What are Twitter App Cards?

App cards are a great way to display mobile application related information directly on your tweet and drive downloads. The App card is a set of meta tags that needs to be added on the web page in order to allow users to display the app download link on tweets in order to drive installs.

How Does it Works?

Whenever we send out a tweet containing a URL, the Twitter system is able to recognize URL's in a tweet and if the tweeted URL contains app card information then it fetches the entire content…

Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan at SMX Advanced 2014

Google Adds Unsampled Reports to the Google Analytics Management API

In a recent blog post, Google announced that that they are adding unsampled reports to the Google Analytics Management API for their premium analytics customers. Unsampled reports are a great way to acquire details in depth on order to take even more accurate decisions.

Google by default uses sampling technique in order to process data faster. If you are still unaware about what sampling means then have a look at this article about data sampling in GA.

The Unsampled Reports feature provides accurate analysis of large unsampled data sets and also provides a way to integrate the API into your Business Intelligence (BI) system. This makes retrieve unsampled data easier and provide accurate metrics that support your critical business decisions.

For a full documentation on how to retrieve unsampled data using Management API, please read -

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Ecommerce Analytics Course Opens on July 8, 2014- Enroll Now!

The Google Analytics Academy is launching a special course for ecommerce data enthusiasts. You can enroll for this course that is being taught by one of my favorites, Justin Cutroni (the analytics expert). This course will teach you how to:

1- Prepare customized reports as per your ecommerce measurement plan.
2- Use segmentation in order to channelize priority data and focus on the most pressing issues.
3- Conduct an in-depth analysis of the entire site utilizing dimensions and matrics that hold the maximum value for your entire ecommerce website.
4- Use the new enhanced ecommerce for analytics.

Have a look at the below video about "Ecommerce Analytics - From Data to Decisions"

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3 Golden Rules of SEO - "Research", "Innovate" and "Implement"

In my opinion these are my 3 best rules that I always follow while devising any SEO strategy. These are explained as follows:


Prior to starting any seo work on any new website, the very first rule that applies is proper research. Many marketers often apply the same strategies to each and every website which I think is sheer waste of time, money and resources. Every seo plan must be unique and customized for a particular website. This means, SEO research makes a vital part of any online marketing campaign. Competitor analysis covers the most part of this research. A thorough link and on page factor analysis is required to find out the most pressing factors that can provide the best seo results.

Also while doing the off page optimization and outreach work, research is an ongoing process. The better you are at finding relevant resources, the better are the chances of your site performing well in the search results.


Every site needs a different SEO approach. You cannot sugges…

Don't Get Confused! Google "My Business" Now Manages Your Business Presence on Maps, Search and Google Plus

Google has quietly integrated all the other local business management platforms like Local Maps and Google Plus business page into a single platform called Google My Business. So, don't get confused if you aren't able to access the old dashboard of Google local places, it will now open up as Google My Business.

A single dashboard for editing your business information, sharing updates and viewing insights straight from analytics have all being included under My Business.

Have a look at the below video to learn more:

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What are CPC, CPM, CPA and CPV in Adwords?

If you are using Adwords then you need to use any one of the models given below in order to run your ads on Google search network or the Google display network:

CPC (Cost Per Click)- The commonest of all bidding options available in Adwords. Cost Per Click means the amount you pay for each click on your ad. Suppose, you wish to pay to Google every time someone clicks om your ad then that value is defined by the name cost per click. 

There is a difference between actual CPC and Max. CPC. You can define maximum cost per click but you cannot define the actual cost per click because the actual CPC is decided by Google automatically based on your closest competitor bid.

Suppose I set my maximum CPC to $2 per day then my CPC for a specific campaign can be $1.5, $1.9, $1.82 etc. It can vary depending on the search queries and other bids but in no case it will exceed $2. 

CPC is the preferred mode of advertisement if your aim is to generate traffic or clicks.

CPM (Cost Per Impressions)- This is th…

How to Find Out the Most Shared Content on Social Sites?

Hello Seosandwitch, we are going to discuss how we can find out the most socially shared content of a website by creating a custom dashboard in Google Analytics. It is very simple, just go through the steps described below:

Create a Custom Dashboard in Google Analytics to Find Out the Most Socially Shared Content on Your Website 

1- Create a Private Dashboard with the name "Most Social Shares"

2- Click on "Add a widget" and provide a name for that widget. Let's name it "Top Shared Content".

3- Click on Table and choose "Social Entity" under "dimensions" drop down and "Social actions" under "metric" drop down.

Click save.

That's it, you will get a table displaying the top socially shared content of your website. 

Now, let us understand the dimension and metric social entity and social actions respectively.

Social Entity - The page or URL that was shared is detected by this dimension.
Social Actions - The …

Importance of In-App Analytics and Segmentation for Mobile - Video by Daniel Waisberg

The Smartphones are rising in numbers and the use of analytics for mobile devices is set to increase. The time is ripe for us to have a full view on the importance of in-app analytics and segmentation for mobile.

Analytics advocate Daniel Waisberg provides a great explanation as to how analytics is helping us to track user behavior across an array of channels.

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Stop Negative SEO Before It Ruins Your Website's Reputation

Negative SEO has already started to play havoc in the webmaster world. Many websites have been reported to lose rankings because of the foul practices adopted by black hat search marketers. Negative SEO, if not stopped can ruin your hard earned site reputation in months. So, let's discuss about it in more detail and find out the steps needed to keep your site safe from Negative SEO.

What is Negative SEO?

Strategies, means and techniques adopted by black hat SEO's for declining the reputation of a website which ultimately leads to loss in organic search rankings is known as Negative SEO. The methods adoped are those which are banned by the search engines. Use of such methods leads to a search engine penalty and the webmaster without even knowing that such bad links are being built to their site suffers huge losses in rankings and ROI.

How to Stop Negative SEO?

Follow the steps below in order to keep your web properties safe from all forms of Nagetive SEO:

1- Check your GWT account o…

Types of Graphs That Google Uses to Rank Webpages

When anything is said about Google's ranking algorithm, SEO's listen to it very carefully. Today, I will talk about 3 different types of graphs which Google might use (depending on the search query and other factors) to rank webpages. Remember, Google uses over 200 ranking signals while ranking pages and the use of these graphs is dependant on those factors. So, let's discuss these graphs.

Link Graph - The link graph model consists of nodes and edges. Suppose, if page 1 links out to 3 pages namely page 2, page 3 and page 4 respectively, then we call it as 1 node with 3 outgoing edges. Now, think of a bigger model where each page links to each other in a manner as shown in the picture below:

As per the above figure, the following structure of the graph is obtained. This is known as the link graph or the Page Rank factor which Google widely uses in its ranking algorithm. Here, node 1 has 3 links so it has 3 outgoing edges namely 2,3,4, node 2 has 2 links so it has 2 edges na…

Content Curation - How to Plan the Best Strategy That Ignites Your Social Branding?

Content curation is an art, yes, it's more than just technology. The best users of content curation tools are the ones who have mastered the art of using them effectively. Some of us are not even aware of the benefits which these tools offer. The amazing technology working behind, provides us an easy opportunity to leverage on the existing content in order to maximize it for our own branding needs.

I am a big fan of and when it comes to curating content. With, I can choose my own topics, select the available resources and boom, my personalized channel is ready. This happens at a lightening fast speed and I save a lot of time. Yes, the interface is easy but the real work starts after the newspaper gets created. I need to devise strategies and plan the publishing of sources in a manner so that it serves my main business needs.

With, I can choose my own sources to publish a customized magazine and also suggest my resources to many people who have cur…