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3 Golden Rules of SEO - "Research", "Innovate" and "Implement"

In my opinion these are my 3 best rules that I always follow while devising any SEO strategy. These are explained as follows:


Prior to starting any seo work on any new website, the very first rule that applies is proper research. Many marketers often apply the same strategies to each and every website which I think is sheer waste of time, money and resources. Every seo plan must be unique and customized for a particular website. This means, SEO research makes a vital part of any online marketing campaign. Competitor analysis covers the most part of this research. A thorough link and on page factor analysis is required to find out the most pressing factors that can provide the best seo results.

Also while doing the off page optimization and outreach work, research is an ongoing process. The better you are at finding relevant resources, the better are the chances of your site performing well in the search results.


Every site needs a different SEO approach. You cannot suggest the same plan of XX number of submissions and xx number of blog posts per month for every website. Most often these strategies are suggested to site owners according to the different seo plans and the site owners unknowingly fall in trap of these not so result worthy plans. 

Innovation is the biggest secret of SEO. If your strategy is unique to a website and you are not blindly following your competitor's work then there are chances that you are going to succeed sooner or later. One thing to remember is that while devising any strategy, you must follow the search engine guidelines and prepare plans that not only helps to boost your brand value but also helps to make your online presence stronger. 


Unless you implement it, everything is a waste. The research you do on a daily basis and the strategies you innovate should be implemented at the right time to get the full value. I have seen many marketers failing to properly implement the planned strategies and ultimately losing their clients. 

These are the 3 best rules to follow in SEO. If you think there is any other rule that has played a great role in your career as an SEO then please don't be shy discussing them here. We are looking forward to your comments.

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