Monday, June 16, 2014

How to Find Out the Most Shared Content on Social Sites?

Hello Seosandwitch, we are going to discuss how we can find out the most socially shared content of a website by creating a custom dashboard in Google Analytics. It is very simple, just go through the steps described below:

Create a Custom Dashboard in Google Analytics to Find Out the Most Socially Shared Content on Your Website 

1- Create a Private Dashboard with the name "Most Social Shares"

2- Click on "Add a widget" and provide a name for that widget. Let's name it "Top Shared Content".

3- Click on Table and choose "Social Entity" under "dimensions" drop down and "Social actions" under "metric" drop down.

Click save.

That's it, you will get a table displaying the top socially shared content of your website. 

Now, let us understand the dimension and metric social entity and social actions respectively.

Social Entity - The page or URL that was shared is detected by this dimension.
Social Actions - The total numbers of social shares that occurred is determined by this metric.

This report is really helpful if you wish to find out the content on your site which the users love the most. By identifying the pattern of the shares, you can focus on creating content around topics that receives the maximum shares or you can detect the elements used on webpages with maximum shares like use of images or videos and try to detect the user liking pattern. This way you can better optimize your entire website for generating the maximum social shares.

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