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Matt Cutts Says, Google Might Choose Only 1 Link If 2 Links Point to the Same Webpage

A new and interesting web masters video was uploaded by Google. As per this video, Google Webspam Engineer, Matt Cutts says, if 2 links point to the page from a resource then Google might extract only 1 link for using ahead in its ranking algorithm. However, the Page Rank flow might get double because of the presence of 2 dofollow links pointing to the same web page. Google always follows a link extraction process that decides which links to choose from a web page. 

Matt further says, instead of concentrating on the links part, try to concentrate more on the user experience part like the bounce rate of the site, the goal flow, the speed of the site, the time spend on the site etc.  He clearly hints out that SEO should be search experience optimization and not search engine optimization :)

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