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Stop Negative SEO Before It Ruins Your Website's Reputation

Negative SEO has already started to play havoc in the webmaster world. Many websites have been reported to lose rankings because of the foul practices adopted by black hat search marketers. Negative SEO, if not stopped can ruin your hard earned site reputation in months. So, let's discuss about it in more detail and find out the steps needed to keep your site safe from Negative SEO.

What is Negative SEO?

Strategies, means and techniques adopted by black hat SEO's for declining the reputation of a website which ultimately leads to loss in organic search rankings is known as Negative SEO. The methods adoped are those which are banned by the search engines. Use of such methods leads to a search engine penalty and the webmaster without even knowing that such bad links are being built to their site suffers huge losses in rankings and ROI.

How to Stop Negative SEO?

Follow the steps below in order to keep your web properties safe from all forms of Nagetive SEO:

1- Check your GWT account on a daily basis and notice the pattern of backlinks. If you are able to locate any bad backlinks being built to your website unkowingly then file a disavow request immediately. 

2- Maintain the reputation of your site by constantly earning high quality and reputable links to your site. This will help to balance the amount of bad links created. 

3- Approach webmasters of sites (unnatural ones only) that have suddenely started to link back to your site and mail them that you are the real webmaster of the site requesting them to remove your link.

4- If negative seo is leading to loss of trusted backlinks then approach webmasters and politely ask them to re-add the removed link/s.

5- You need to keep an eye on the links being built to your site on a regular basis and take actions accordingly. Only this can help you with negative seo unless Google finds any other way to tackle this.  

6- keep an eye on malware insertion on your site. Google will let you know about this under GWT. If you are able to detect any malware then take immediate steps to remove it else it might hurt your positive SEO.

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