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5 Ways to Generate More Leads From Your Landing Pages

The page where a user lands is known as a landing page. Normally, when you promote your services using paid channels of advertising, you want the customers to land on a specially designed landing page that contains only the important elements and highlights the conversion friendly elements. Landing page is the single most important element in the whole website. An elegantly designed landing page has greater chances of generating leads and conversions as compared to a faulty designed page. Here are 5 useful ways through which you can generate more leads from your landing pages:

1- Keep The User Enter The Details ASAP 

Don't make the user wait. The lead form should contain minimum fields, infact it should contain only the ones required to initiate a conversion. 

2- Use Arrows to Point to Your CTA Buttons

People who have used arrows to point to their conversion forms have experienced a dramatic increase in conversions.

3- Use a Smiling Woman Model Image to Attract and Convince Customers

Yes, this works! If you don't believe me then start the testing today. A smiling woman model placed intelligently next to your conversion form will persuade more people to fill in the details. This image will give them more confidence in the services you provide.

4- Use the Word FREE

The magic word that are used by almost all the top brands of this world is the word "FREE". Think of how you can make use of this word without affecting the costing and see the magic work. When people read the word "FREE", they instantly feel that it won't cost me anything so they readily fill up the form and generate a lead. They also think that if they don't act today and make use of the available opportunity then tomorrow perhaps the FREE service won't be available so they don't want to miss that opportunity and instantly fill up the form. This is a psychological factor and marketers make use of this factor to the maximum.

5- Design a Clutter Free Page - Don't Say Too Much 

The landing page design should be clutter free. Only the most important conversion friendly and customer attraction elements should be present. Unnecessary text and images should be avoided. Say very little and persuade the customer to act. Remember,a landing page should be designed in a manner so as to make the user act and you should refrain from saying too much.

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