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Alexa's New Keyword Research Tool - Look Up By Keyword and Discover Organic and Paid Traffic to Any Site

Alexa, the web information company owned by Amazon has launched a new keyword research tool for internet marketers that will help to look up by keyword and discover both organic and paid keywords that are sending traffic to any website. Previously, with the help of Alexa, we were able to find both organic and paid keywords sending traffic to any site but now we can perform keyword based research and discover sites that are receiving the maximum traffic from those keywords. 

Alexa Keyword Research Tool - What it Displays?

Suppose, if we wish to see which sites are getting the maximum traffic for the keyword "weather" then Alexa will return the information as displayed in the screenshot below:

It will display:

1- The top sites sending traffic to the sites from the searched keyword.
2- The keyword data containing the list of other keywords sending traffic to the site.
3- Percentage of traffic from the searched keyword.

We can view this data for both 'organic' and 'paid' traffic.

By clicking on the 'view site keywords link' we can reveal every single and popular keywords sending traffic to the site:

But hold on, this tool is available for paid subscribers only who have opted for a plan of $149 and above. 

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