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Facebook Launches New Bookmarking Feature "Save" For Viewing Posts At a Later Time

Facebook today unveiled a new feature for saving posts to view at a later time. This new bookmarking feature is known by the name "Save". This feature is available for all Facebook posts and allows you to save links, places, music, books, movies and TV shows. 

Many times it happens that we are unable to research more on the posts shared by our friends because of time issues so starting today, you can just click on the save link displayed on the bottom right of the post and save your favorite posts to view them at a later time. This is an excellent addition to Facebook because due to the constant post updations that happens constantly on the timelines, users often get very little time to review the posts shared by their friends. Saving them for viewing at a later time will provide more visibility to the important posts.

How To Use the "Save" Option on Facebook?

You can save links, places, music, books, movies and TV shows. From your News Feed, click Save in the bottom right of a post or click arrow shown beside any post and then select Save.

How to View the Saved Items?

Click saved displayed in the left column in your homepage.