Monday, July 14, 2014

Why Offline Promotion is Important to Boost SEO?

Planning a link acquisition strategy is really hard and concentrating only on promoting a brand online can make it dull, boring and sometimes unnatural. The better approach is to follow a dual pattern and promote the website via both online as well as offline. The point here is Google only counts online activity and does not considers offline promotion so how is that going to benefit any website in terms of SEO? Aha..this looks like a good question. But, the answer is fairly simple, promoting your brand offline will certainly fetch some natural backlinks or brand mentions online that would certainly be useful in aiding SEO.

Tactics of offline Brand Promotion That Aids SEO

Offline promotion basically consists of traditional media like brochures, word of mouth promotion, banners, billboards, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, radio and Television ads etc. All these traditional channels of marketing can fill in the void that most of us are unable to see while promoting our sites online. Here are some useful strategies that will help the brands raise their online reputation and brand factor simply by investing some money in offline promotion:


Participate in conferences and see your brand become a common name related to your niche.

Sponsoring Or Organizing Contests

Sponsor contests and events and help your brand to reach masses who are currently ignoring the brand promotion online.

Brochures and Business Cards

Distribute brochures and business cards. They must look stunning, awesome and unique. The audience should instantly recognize your brand, such should be the power of the design.

Free Gifts

Occasional distribution of gift coupons is also a great strategy to reach even more people.

Blogger Outreach

Participating in blogger events and meeting potential bloggers who could take your brand to the next level is a great way to get started. 

Yes, it requires some time and effort to build relationships but the end results are satisfying.

The New SEO Strategy - Online + Offline Promotion

We need to remember that online promotion should be coupled with proper offline promotion that is focused towards increasing the brand value. The overall brand value generated online+offline will surely provide an overall boost to the current search engine optimization strategy. The biggest benefit offered would be that of natural backlinks. Some of the audiences whom you will reach offline might have online presence and if you are able to impress them, they will surely link back to your site in one way or the other. This is what you require today in order to succeed in SEO. Don't invest time and money in creating unnatural links all by yourself which Google has already started ignoring, instead go for offline promotion and capture some relevant natural links. Moreover, almost each one of us is having a social presence and a small tweet or share mentioning your brand can go a long way in making Google believe the popularity and reputability if your brand. Yes, this is far better than tweeting about your brand from the same profile again and again.

I hope you got the crux here- The new SEO strategy should be based both online and offline. The reason is obvious- natural backlinks and brand mentions on social media.

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