Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why Remarketing in Adwords is Great For Targeted Branding?

Branding is vital for a business's success and remarketing in Google Adwords is just the tool that every business owner will fall for to get their brand noticed from several web properties altogether at the same time. Marketing in the simplest terms means promoting services or products to a gorup of targeted audience using various channels in order to generate profits and remarketing means targeting the same users again and again until they convert.

Remarketing in Adwords

In layman's terms, remarketing in Adwords involves the display of banners and text ads to users who had previously visited your website. These advertisements will get displayed before them no matter whatever website they keep on visiting (almost all popular websites have adsense so chances are that your ad will get displayed on almost every site that the user visits). This means, he/she will keep on viewing your ad again and again until he converts or have the cookies cleared.

Now, this is what any business needs for branding purpose! Any business owner would love to get his brand name displayed everywhere where his targeted audience goes. In simpler terms, brands want to follow the users and remarketing helps the businesses to follow their users. Google remarketing in adwords is one of the best tools available for branding.

Dynamic Remarketing

There is nothing better than dynamic remarketing which takes remarketing one step ahead. It helps to display customized ads to each and 

every user. Suppose your brand need to target students in the age group 16-20 then with the help of dynamic remarketing you can show tutorials customized for each student like some of them might be interested in Maths while other in English. Ads can change themselves on the go and will display only those tutorials which the students are interested in.

Recently, Rand Fishkin was quoted saying the below lines:

"That's why SEO is neuropsychology. SEO is conversion rate optimization. SEO is social media. SEO is user experience and design. SEO is branding. SEO is analytics. SEO is product. SEO is advertising. SEO is public relations. The fill-in-the-blank is SEO if that blank is anything that affects any input directly or indirectly."

For the branding part, a single channel called Remarketing in Adwords can prove really beneficial for your overall digital marketing campaign. Some SEO's feel they must make use of only link building and content marketing but the truth goes far beyond that. In current times, SEO is more like branding and promoting brands involves the use of one or more paid channels of internet marketing which indirectly impacts the progress of other channels. Remarketing can be done in a tight budget so without costing much, brands still have the power to target audiences and convert them while improving their brand value at the same time.

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